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Smart Living Room Ideas for Better Homes

Owning a home is one of the most crucial decisions you can make as an individual or as a family. We at Better Homes with Selina understand this. We are committed to providing our clients with professional help as they look for their ideal homes. In this post, we’re going to show you smart living room ideas to implement in your home.

The Living Room

The living room is the center of your home, where you can snuggle anytime, whether you’re having a family fun time or a tranquil ‘me time.’ Contrary to the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, which are equally necessary but more practical, the living room is the heart of the house.

You need the living space to share some of your fondest memories, including holiday mornings, summertime parties, and personal downtimes.

A smart living room elevates your room’s existing role to advanced smart tech perfection. From lighting and temperature to entertainment and furniture, smart technology encircles nearly every need and want.

Besides, the modern smart living room offers all the amenities plus more. No need to worry about losable remote control gadgets, clunky wires, or cumbersome speakers.

Adopting a smart living room concept allows you to control all your smart gadgets from one hub. Additionally, your home design and décor just remain intact—the way you want them and how you like them.

In the following list, we give you smart systems and gadgets that you would want in your smart home living room.

1. Smart Lighting

You can integrate smart lighting systems controlled by a mobile app or voice commands. With such systems, you can adjust the brightness and color temperatures to create different moods. A smart lighting system transforms the ambience, feel, and look of your home.

Think about this scenario: you own a nice, powerful home theater and smart furniture. However, the garish lights in the space often ruin the amazing experience. If you didn’t know it, lighting affects your mood, and smart technology offers the most refined of settings.

Additionally, smart devices make your living room lighting economical, elegant, and beautiful. Smart lighting technology encompasses the entire living space, including LED bulb lights that sweep lighting control systems. Overall, smart lighting technology gives you total and cost-efficient control of your space.


As an example, you can incorporate LED tunable lighting or RGB color-changing lighting. Connected to wall panels, recesses, or other unique spaces, these systems inculcate tiny and tremendous mood and color shifts. You can connect them to your circadian rhythm for an amazing experience.

Importantly, smart living room lighting systems are easy to use. They connect seamlessly with your gadgets, so you can use them whether you’re at home or away. They come with a downloadable app, which allows you to dim, brighten, or switch the lights on and off.

Besides, they come with other convenient perks, such as dimming your chandelier with a voice command. This comes in handy when you’re away from home.

2. Smart Living Room Ideas: Smart Entertainment Center

Ideally, when we think about the living room, the first item that comes to mind is the entertainment center, in addition to the couch or recliner. A smart entertainment center is among the smart living room ideas to implement in a modern home.

For smart living room ideas, you can incorporate top-notch audiovisual systems and setups. In a modern living room, smart TV technology is a luxury you cannot afford to miss. You can install sweeping smart technology connected to your standard flatscreen TV to take streaming capabilities to great heights.

The following are some of the AV systems that you can use with smart living room ideas:

Smart Living Room Ideas: Smart Speaker with Voice Assistant

While they are not specifically for entertainment, smart speakers (or just one) are important devices for going hands-free. They provide solid networking and allow you to easily control your entire smart living room technology.

Smart speakers are available on the market from different suppliers, including Amazon, Apple, and Google. As a rule, smart speakers come with built-in Alexa, Siri, and Google assistants, depending on which brand you choose. They seamlessly connect with the rest of your smart devices through Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

Pro Tip: Alternatively, you can have options. It’s a good idea. For example, you might have additional devices that control your smart room systems. To get started, you can engage an AV installation agent to help you with wall-mounted touchscreen panels, sleek remotes, and sliding switches.

Smart TV

A TV set is the principal entertainment machine in most modern living rooms. Modern living room ideas dictate that you get a TV set with HDMI ports and streaming capabilities. It should also support voice recognition and internet connectivity.

With a smart TV set, you will have limitless options and avoid purchasing new add-ons. It also saves you from the struggle of connecting to other smart devices.

Having a smart TV in your living room is a worthy investment, even if it takes time to get the right model. Once you get a model with the right features, it serves as the core component of your living room home theater. You simply need to pair up your smart systems and devices to get amazing surround sound.

Pro tip: If you’re struggling with selecting the right smart TV for your entertainment needs, you may need to consult an AV consultant. With the advice of an expert, you can find the perfect model with all the cutting-edge capabilities that you need.

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3. High Performance Audio

A high-performance sound system is at the center of your entertainment. It’s part of a smart living room that must be there to make everything complete. Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology makes it easy to seamlessly connect discreet speakers, which you can control via remote or voice assistant.

When it comes to installing a sound system in your smart living room, you have countless options to explore. You can plan your smart living room design in such a way that it reflects exactly your preferences. For instance, solid standby audio systems include soundbars, Bluetooth speakers, amps, and subwoofers.

Additionally, the speakers can be discreet! Modern smart living room designers can install crystal-clear audio systems with speakers tucked in the ceiling, walls, and more.

It’s even possible to extend the tunes to the rest of the house or even outdoors. You can achieve this by including multi-room music systems and outdoor entertainment systems, respectively.

Other Smart Living Room Ideas

In addition to the smart living room ideas mentioned above, here are more options to implement:

  • Voice-activated assistants: Include a voice-controlled virtual assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With this technique, you can control various smart devices in your living room, such as playing music and answering questions.
  • Automated window treatments: You can install blinds or curtains, which you can program to open or close at specific times. It doesn’t only add a futuristic touch but also helps with energy efficiency.
  • Multi-functional furniture: This idea allows you to use furniture with built-in storage solutions or transformable pieces. It maximizes space and offers options for different room configurations.
  • Wireless charging stations: You can include built-in wireless charging pads for smartphones and other devices. This eliminates the need for multiple chargers while keeping your living room clutter-free.
  • Smart thermostat: Improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your living room by installing a smart thermostat. It allows you to control the temperature remotely while setting schedules based on your preferences.
  • Hidden technology: Conceal your TVs or speakers with hidden cabinets or motorized mounts. This allows the focus to be on the aesthetics of the room when the technology is not in use.
  • Automated air purification: A smart air purifier improves the air quality in your living room. You can control some models remotely, while others are automatic and can adjust according to air quality sensors.
  • Interactive wall art:  Incorporate digital art frames or interactive displays that can show a variety of artworks. You can customize some with photos or dynamic digital art.
  • AI in entertainment: Explore smart entertainment systems that use AI to suggest movies, music, or TV shows according to your preferences. The system can learn your taste over time.

Final Thoughts

Smart living room ideas incorporate technology to provide automation, remote control, and improved functionality. The ideas involve using smart devices, sensors, and interconnected systems to establish a more intelligent and responsive living space. At Better Homes With Selina, we keep tabs on the latest trends in technology, especially as they relate to your home.


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