10 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Bath Space Makeover

The bathroom is where you find peace and tranquillity, probably after a tough day. It may be through a long shower, soothing bath, or evening skincare routine in a quiet space away from the world’s turbulence and struggles.

You deserve a great bathroom, regardless of its size or shape. However, relaxing and enjoying personal time in your home sanctuary is impossible if the space is cluttered, outdated, and poorly designed.

For this reason, we will equip you with credible small bathroom remodel ideas to help you before you start looking for a ‘bathroom remodel near me.’

Create Niches and Recesses for More Room

A tiny bathroom space shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying your private space – quality showers, baths, meditation, and time. The secret lies in the building in, not out. Built-ins such as toilet roll holders, recessed soap dishes, and medicine cabinets are the key to optimizing the available space.

Flattening the former can also convert your ceiling light into a recessed light. Building into the bathroom walls can also create additional storage space for your bathroom supplies. This is one of the key small bathroom remodel ideas to improve your bathroom experience.

Invest in Proper Ventilation

 Ventilation is one of the bathroom remodeling ideas to consider implementing. Every bathroom needs some ventilation to promote air circulation. The ventilation type may vary from a bathroom exhaust fan to a well-sized window, among other options.

When selecting bathroom fans, please pay attention to their exhaust capacity with regard to their noise levels. The capacity refers to the number of cubic feet of air the fan can move per minute. The key is to minimize noise, as limited bathroom space means that even the smallest noise will sound loud.

Use Plants to Incorporate Living Color

Plants breathe life and color into any space, including the living room and bathroom. For this reason, they shouldn’t be an afterthought when doing your bathroom remodel but a priority.

They are an ideal investment for your tiny, sterile, or master bathroom remodel ideas. Also, add some floating shelves to provide a cozy home for your trailing plants without wasting the tiny space in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Select the Right Flooring

Solid wood floors may infuse your bathroom with great character. Unfortunately, they are not the ideal bathroom flooring material as the space requires a hardy and sturdy option to withstand the rigors of constant bathroom use. The best bathroom flooring materials include vinyl tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and luxury vinyl plank.

Flooring your small bathroom is an easy task that may require a single-width of sheet vinyl. The sheet vinyl is the best if you want an excellent standout waterproofing flooring option. That way, you eliminate the seams and enjoy a tremendous waterproof bathroom floor, safe from accidents.

Select Colors that Amplify the Bath Space

Color plays a vital role in your bathroom remodeling experience. Your color choice can make tiny spaces look bigger if your palette remains in the white-or-light spectrum.

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During the remodel, you can incorporate white and light colors into the bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet, sink, and bathtub. You can also paint the bathroom ceiling white or off-white; any other color tends to shrink the little room. On the other hand, dark colors make the space feel smaller, making them unsuitable for tiny bathrooms.

Don’t Skimp on Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom isn’t exclusively meant for taking showers and baths but also for taking a closer look at yourself – skin, hair, nails, and face. For this reason, proper lighting is crucial for achieving the visual aspect of this space.

Typically, the lighting is usually dim and concentrated from a ceiling fixture. Consider incorporating more lighting around the bathroom mirror using scones. However, blinding light isn’t an option as it is not necessary.

A dimmer switch is one of the simple devices that can add and enhance mood in the bathroom, relaxing your late-night baths.

Include Freestanding Pieces

If your space allows, you can add at least one freestanding piece, such as a cupboard or decorative chair, as home decorators recommend. These pieces serve as design elements in your bathroom space, which breathe some life into the space.

Due to limited space, including the freestanding pieces in the bathroom, you have to recess other practical elements like clothes hampers or move them to other rooms to compensate for the space. Fortunately, the decorative pieces can serve as bathroom storage for towels, soaps, and other tiny supplies.

Maximize Opportunities for Hanging Items

Hooks aren’t exclusively designed for the kitchen. You can include them during your bathroom remodel as the easiest way to increase your bathroom’s surface area without adding a countertop surface area.

Hooks are perfect for hanging anything from clothes to towels and bathrobes. You can stick them to the back of the door, cabinet sides, and unused sections of the walls.

Use More Mirrors in the Bathroom

The power of bathroom mirrors extends beyond checking your hair and makeup. You can also use them in your bathroom as design elements to visually expand the room and add more light. Most people today add a second mirror beside the primary one found above the bathroom sink, which translates to more light and a more significant visual impact.

In tiny spaces, you should consider large-format mirrors that cover the entire wall. During installation, it is recommended to leave some space behind to prevent mold and promote adequate air circulation.

Use Wainscot for Looks and Protection

Wainscot beadboard plays two significant roles. Firstly, it creates an antique look besides being easy to install. Secondly, it protects the lower section of the bathroom walls from the unavoidable water splashes resulting from showers and baths.

A quality coat of oil-based paint makes the beadboard impervious to moisture. If it doesn’t stylistically fit your bathroom, add a tile wainscot on the lowest 40 to 48 inches of the wall. The tile serves the same protective purpose against moisture. Fortunately, the tiles come in various designs and styles to meet your needs and preferences.

Wrapping Up Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You deserve a well-designed and decluttered bathroom to enjoy relaxing baths and showers, regardless of your bathroom size. If you intend to remodel your bathroom, you can DIY and create exemplary results by drawing inspiration from the above ideas. Ultimately, your bathroom time no longer has to be dull but clean, calming, and relaxing.

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