Couch Covers Buying Guide | Types and What You Need to Know

This couch covers buying guide explains all you need to know when buying the product. Sofas, loveseats, and other big-ticket items are designed to last for many years, serving you satisfactorily and giving you value for every dollar you spend.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to achieve the desired longevity goals with all the possibility of spills, dirt, stains, wear and tear, and damage caused by pets and children.

For this reason, most homeowners constantly search for protective measures for their couches, which explains the rising demand for couch covers.

Why Do You Need Sofa Covers?

Sofa covers are available in various sizes, styles, colors, patterns, materials, and types. The goal is to ensure something for everyone regardless of your furniture type, interior décor, and preferences.

Here are the main reasons you need couch covers:

Overall protection of your seats

These covers are a perfect way to protect your seats from spills, stains, damage by pets and children, dirt, and wear and tear. By protecting your couches from all these risks, the chair covers significantly extend the seats’ lifespan, giving you optimal value for every dollar you spend on the purchase.

Refreshing your home decor

Chair covers offer a convenient way to refresh your home décor without buying new furniture. They are the most affordable way of breathing new life into old furniture – and change is impressive, right?

These covers allow you to try new things and make temporary changes without spending too much. Eventually, you will revive your old sofa and give your décor a facelift. Besides making your seats look brand new, couch covers brighten space, enhancing curb appeal.

Promoting hygiene and cleanliness

Couch covers also promote hygiene and cleanliness. You can easily remove them, clean and fit them back, making them one of the most suitable investments for your costly furniture.

Materials for Slipcovers

Slipcovers are made from different materials, which is crucial to consider when shopping for them. These materials include cotton, linen, wool, spandex, and polyester. However, the most popular options include canvas, cotton duck, twill blends, and denim.

Before selecting your chair covers, you should compare the pros and cons of each material. Besides, your intended purpose for the slipcovers also determines the material you pick.

Do you want to use the cover on a lounge seat, living room sofa, or loveseat?

Durable cotton: Durable cotton remains the best for heavily used furniture and families with children and pets, as it is washable and stain-resistant. A poly blend is another fantastic choice for people with pets and children, as it is tear-resistant.

Patterned, dark colors: Buyers in need of protective seat covers should consider dark-colored or patterned ones. Such slipcovers are perfect at hiding stains, ensuring they serve their protective purposes.

Trendy prints: Trendy prints and vibrant pattern seat covers are perfect options for short-term and seasonal looks. The solid-colored ones, on the contrary, are great for long-term use as they remain current over extended periods.

Blended materials: If you want a stylish look from your seat covers that look like a second skin, you can never go wrong with a thin malleable cotton-spandex blend cover. This type offers a wide range of looks and textures, considering it exists in faux suede and corduroy fabrics.

Chair Cover Types Available

When shopping for seat couch covers, you should always consider the shape and style of your seats. The covers come in various styles, meaning you should be keen to find a suitable one for your sofa and preference – lifestyle.

Here are some of the most popular slipcovers you may see when shopping:

One-piece Seat Covers

One-piece seat covers are characterized by a drapey and skirted look, which most people associate with slipcovers. These covers exist in a wider variety compared to their multi-piece counterparts. They also offer greater versatility for different couch shapes.

Multi-piece Slipcovers

Multi-piece chair covers are an excellent choice for people who want to cover their seats discreetly – covering couches without looking like they have been covered. These covers offer a seamless and streamlined look that mimics regular upholstery. They come with individual covers for the seat cushions, the base, and the back cushions.

Box Cushion Covers

Next are the box cushion covers, exclusively designed for seats with a square or rectangular cushion that don’t extend past the arms.

T-Cushion Covers

As the name suggests, these covers are designed for cushions extending beyond sofa arms.

Sofa Protectors

For people looking to protect their couches without committing to slipcovers, sofa protectors are the ideal choice. They come as a simple protector that you drape over the back, seat, and arms, fully covering your couch quickly and conveniently.

Sofa Cover Styles

Unlike in the past, slipcovers go beyond the standard frilly and boxy options. Today, they come in almost any style, pattern, and color to match people’s preferences. Here are the most popular styles:

  • Modern and Contemporary
  • Transitional Slipcovers
  • Glam Sofa Covers
  • Farmhouse & Cottage Slipcovers

Benefits of Using the Right Slipcovers

As discussed above, slipcovers come in various sizes, textures, materials, shapes, and patterns. Therefore, finding the right fit for your preference may take some time. But the right fit allows you to:

  • Enjoy an incredible sofa without purchasing a new one
  • Save time and money that you would have spent reupholstering the existing one
  • Save the environment by reducing landfills
  • Increase your couch’s lifespan by using it for a few more years before buying a new one

How to Buy Couch Covers on Amazon

Couch covers are available on Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace. When shopping for sofa covers, it’s equally important to consider the non-slip quality, which means the product is made of some anti-slip adhesive such as silicone stripes.

This quality ensures that the cover remains in place and this is important if you have young children or pets. Even with disturbances or movements, non-slip couch covers remain in place and continue to protect your seats.

Final Thoughts

To some people, slipcovers are exclusively designed to protect seats from stains and spills. However, the reasons for using seat covers extend beyond protecting your couches. They offer an instant opportunity to update your style inexpensively.

Besides, with seat covers, you don’t have to replace the upholstery – which is time-consuming and costly – due to damage by children and pets, stains, spills, and wear and tear. All you have to do is add a slipcover in your choice’s latest color, material, and texture, and you are good to go.

With these covers, you can make a statement colorfully without worrying about coordinating between drapes and rugs. If you have been thinking about transforming your space, it is time. You can go a step further by incorporating throw pillows and accessories to add a pop of brightness.

What are the different types of couch covers?

Couch covers are available as loveseat slipcovers, ottoman slipcovers, sofas, and recliner slipcovers among others.

What to consider when buying a couch cover?

When shopping for couch covers, you should look for budget, type, size, texture, and length.

What are the benefits of buying a couch cover?

A couch cover extends the lifespan of your couch. It protects your seat from spills, scratches, stains, pet hair, and more.

What are the advantages of cotton couch covers?

Cotton couch covers are stain-resistant, washable, and durable. They are also breathable and resistant to pilling.

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