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14 Creative Ways to Beautify Home With Wall Art

Transform your home with stunning wall art and discover 14 creative ways to beautify your space with unique and stylish wall art designs.

Wall art and décor carry immense power to refresh and breathe life into an empty space. However, the trick lies in how you arrange the art pieces and the number you use – for transformative results.

If you are planning to transform your bare walls into elegant centerpieces, this post will guide you well. We will take you through some of the exciting ways of incorporating wall art into your home for the best outcome.

Read on to discover unique and creative ideas to beautify homes with wall art.

1. Consider Large-scale Wall Art

Huge wall art pictures, photographs, and paintings command unimaginable attention while setting a desirable tone in your little space. There are numerous options when selecting wall art designs.

You can try black and white pictures if you are looking for minimalistic results or vibrant wall hanging décor if you would like to add some color to the space.

There is always something for everyone, regardless of their needs, taste, or preference. However, remember to keep the wall hanging décor huge.

2. Create a Wall Art Gallery

A gallery wall is among the unique wall art ideas that allow you to incorporate color and personality into your space. With a gallery wall, you can display your wall art designs, including wall hangings, photographs, and art collections to transform your space.

When selecting the wall art décor, consider those with simple and cohesive frames. Alternatively, you can opt for ornate variations for louder results. Gallery walls that extend to the ceiling are perfect for smaller spaces, as they create the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Include an Accent Wall

All most people think about when it comes to unique wall art ideas is showcasing a wall hanging. Few people include wall decoration in their wall art journey. It is unbelievable what an accent wall can do, as part of wall art designs.

When creating an accent wall, you can paint using bright and bold colors to command the desirable attention from guests or use wallpaper to achieve the right pattern to match the home theme.

Decorative paint techniques such as stenciling should also come in handy when creating an accent wall. As you work on your accent wall, it would be useful to also invest in ceiling transformation for complete results – wall-to-ceiling – thereby impacting tremendously on your little space.

4. Show Off the Right Fabric

Are you looking to softly add some pattern and color into your neutral space? Tapestry and wall hangings can help you achieve these results and more if you consider pretty textiles such as framed vintage scarves.

Showcasing attractive fabrics is more convenient for people who constantly move homes than wall paintings as they as easier to pack and carry when moving.

5. Incorporate Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors have a significant impact when it comes to unique wall art ideas. They reflect light, making a tiny space feel and appear brighter and bigger. Besides hanging oversized mirrors, you can also display multiple smaller pieces in the salon style to achieve the desired outcome.

6. Paint Murals

Did you know that painting a mural is among the best and most unique wall art ideas today? By incorporating a mural as part of your wall art project in your home, you create an incredible outcome by allowing your empty walls to transport you elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a wall covering or hand paint, as the motif carries a huge impact making your previously boring walls look and feel homely.

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7. Install Shelving

If you are a book lover, but don’t have adequate storage space for your treasure, worry not. Inadequate floor space for bookshelves may be a blessing in disguise as you can install floating shelves as part of your wall art installation projects.

These shelves allow you to display your hardcovers, book collection, and small sculptures on the wall in a well-organized and attractive manner, despite the lack of adequate floor space for bookshelves.

8. Unique Wall Art Ideas: Add Hanging Plates

One of the best unique wall art ideas involves showcasing your fine china instead of hiding it in the cabinet. The secret behind this idea is that you don’t have to invest heavily in fine china and keep the pieces hidden away.

You can identify and display your favorite platters and dishes on wire plate hangers, where guests can view them as part of your wall-hanging décor. This trick is also ideal for collectors of design objectors including breadboards among other pieces.

9. Showcase Sculptural Sconces

Sconces are ideal if you are looking to incorporate additional light sources without eating into your floor or side table space. When choosing the wall art sconces, consider eye-catching models to double up as wall sculptures, allowing you to bring light into the space in a stylistic manner.

10. Don’t Forget Plants

Most people place their plants on the windowsill, which is currently the norm. But did you know that hanging or mounting your planters on the wall is among the unique wall art ideas that you should try out?

The technique incorporates some greenery feel and nature in your space and walls, making it homely. People with an inadequate water supply can consider high-quality faux plants, as they work perfectly in water shortage conditions.

11. Use a Macramé Wall Art for Some Texture

Macramé wall hangings were most popular in the ‘70s but they are back today, with increased popularity. The hangings come with weavings that add some texture and warmth to your empty walls. You can either make these hangings at home or shop them online at affordable prices.

12. Add Some Beaded Wall Art

The beaded wall art hanging is of Maasai origin, perfect for people in need of a minimalistic black-and-white design. The stunning handmade piece originates from Tanzania using beads of Czech Republic origin.

Including the wall hanging in your project is another one of the many unique wall art ideas you should try out.

13. Hang a Huge Wall Calendar

A large calendar is a perfect wall hanging for kitchens and offices. The calendars aren’t solely for keeping track of your events but also serve as a standout element of brightening up your space.

When choosing a calendar to serve as a wall hanging, consider bold and brightly colored ones with sans-serif fonts for a contemporary look and pop of color.

14. Put the Artwork in Pairs

Arranging your artwork in pairs offers you a chance to create a beautiful and harmonious gallery wall using two art pieces. However, with this technique, you should use complementary pieces with similar features for the best results.

It is a perfect chance to showcase your favorite artwork from complementary artists or the same artist. Besides, it is highly advisable to use the same type of frames for an accurate outcome.

Wrapping Up

A blank wall in your home carries numerous possibilities for transforming the space. While it’s true that everyone decorates their home differently and uniquely, it is undeniable that wall art remains one of the best ways of filling up your empty walls. Besides, how you incorporate the wall art into your home determines the outcome you get.

There are numerous unique wall art ideas you can try out to transform your stark walls stylistically. Try some of the ones discussed above and your guests will never stop admiring your space.


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