Better Homes With Selina was born of an inspiration to create a comprehensive digital resource in the Home and Garden niche. The founders Selina Burke and Tony Philip, are accomplished content writers with over a decade of experience delivering well-organized, SEO-optimized posts for different clients. The duo has amassed a team of writers and experts in various arms of the home improvement niche to help deliver concise and helpful content to our readers. 

So far, Better Homes With Selina covers five specific areas: 

  • Bedding & Bath
  • Cleaning & Storage
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Patio, Lawncare & Garden
  • Furniture & Decor

In these categories, we provide four main types of articles:

  1. Round-ups covering product categories
  2. In-depth reviews of individual products
  3. Buyer Guides
  4. Informational content and news on the Home & Garden niche


In our round-up articles, we provide a concise overview of the best and latest home and garden techniques and products for each of the categories we cover. These articles are created after researching and testing as many products as we can while comparing established models with new releases (new ones may be nice but not the best).

Individual Product Reviews

These articles embrace in-depth analysis of a specific piece of a home or garden product in the categories we cover–Bedding & Bath, Cleaning & Storage, Kitchen & Dining, Patio, Lawncare & Garden. Our product reviews are detailed, concise, clearly presented, subjective, and helpful.

Buying Guides

Our buyer guides cover the possible variants in a consumer’s decision-making process. Here, we offer factual content with related images to support the topic. Our guides are in-depth and informative and inform the readers about a product while highlighting the benefits of using it to improve their homes and gardens.

News & Trending Topics

In addition, we do a range of informational articles on various topics in the furniture and decor sub-niche. We also have a news section where we highlight the latest happenings in the home and garden industry. 

Overall, we aim to become a digital go-to resource for home improvement and gardening ideas that cannot be rivaled. We achieve this by maintaining content integrity and engaging the best brains in the industry. We also fact-check each piece of content before we publish and allow future updates where necessary. 


Better Homes With Selina is a credible and inspiring online resource for anyone looking for quality content in the covered categories. That said, BHWS is a personal business, and therefore, this blog is monetized in a few different ways. The website contains paid advertising banners and affiliate ads, which if you click on and spend, we can get a small commission to help us improve and maintain the website at no cost to you. The site may also contain sponsored content and posts with contextual affiliate or paid links.