Small Bedroom Storage | How to Optimize Space and Make it Look Attractive

Designing and organizing a small bedroom can be challenging due to limited storage space. However, minimal storage space shouldn’t be an excuse to live and sleep in a messy and chaotic space. With the small bedroom storage tips in this post, you can get started.

It should serve as motivation to enhance your creativity and innovativeness toward achieving a clutter-free space for resting, sleeping, and relaxing. With the right tips, it is possible to create neat and accessible storage for your essentials while maintaining a stylish look.

Here are some of the valuable storage tips you should try to keep your small bedroom well-organized and visually appealing.

Include End of Bed Bench or Trunk

One traditional way to maximize storage space in a tiny bedroom is to have an end of bed bench or trunk. It may seem old-fashioned, but this hack maximizes comfort and functionality in your tiny space.

Having an end-of-bed bench or trunk guarantees proper and accessible storage for your essentials and an end seat at the same time.

Use Underbed Storage

Unknown to most people, trundle beds are not only meant for kids’ bedrooms. With a compact sleeping space, getting one for yourself would be okay. Instead of a second pullout mattress, you can customize yours with extra storage – drawers – which you can use to store folded clothing, jackets, and out-of-season shoes.

With the clothing and shoes adequately stored, you can eliminate the traditional dresser to create more space and coziness in the room.

If you can’t get a new trundle bed, you can raise your current one and incorporate storage underneath or DIY an under-the-bed storage solution.

Downsize Your Furniture

A small bedroom means you must account for every piece of furniture present. The goal is to minimize visual clutter, and extra furniture – that isn’t optimally utilized – is clutter.

You should remove it and replace it with multiple storage pieces such as a bedroom bench, end-of-bed bench, open shelf, and drawer. The goal is to utilize smaller, smarter, and minimal furniture.

You can also opt for tall and slim furniture over short and wide. The narrow designs take up minimal space while offering greater storage space, making them more suitable than their bulky counterparts.

Utilize Floating Shelves

Floating shelves effectively showcase your sentimental trinkets and books in your tiny bedroom without creating clutter.

Instead of the traditional bulky and free-standing bookshelves – that will significantly eat into space – you can utilize the wall space using the floating shelves and leave the valuable room for crucial pieces such as the bed, storage bench for bedroom, nightstand, dresser, bedroom bench, and end-of-bed bench.

Keep Your Dresser in the Closet

You can keep storage within storage in case of limited space. Stashing your dresser in the closet – if your closet is big enough – can help create more space and keep your small bedroom organized.

With more floor space in the sleeping room, after tucking away the dresser, you will enjoy more peace, quiet, and coziness, which you deserve, but your compact space doesn’t allow it.

Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

Folding your laundry and using drawer dividers significantly impact space organization. Ensure you fold and store your clothing timely and appropriately in the dresser, as it frees up more space for other items.

Other advanced storage techniques, such as vacuum packing out-of-season outfits, should be helpful in applicable cases. Besides the closet, you can store this clothing on the storage bench for the bedroom or the end-of-bed bench for future use.

Invest in Double Duty Furniture

The type of furniture you pick for your small bedroom determines whether you will fully utilize the available storage space. Some of the best options include floating shelves and drawers over the regular shelves and nightstands with drawers.

You can also consider an end-of-bed bench, a bedroom bench, and a storage bench for the bedroom, among other double-duty pieces. The goal is to ensure that any piece used in the space serves optimal use – maximum storage, besides other uses such as dressing and sitting.

Utilize the Back of the Door

The back of the door carries an excellent potential for cramped spaces. If you are struggling with storage space and your door is untouched, reclaiming the powerful back-of-the-door storage solution is time.

The latter is perfect for storing accessories and extra shoes, but you should leave the door open to discreet the items. There are also door hangers in the market that you can purchase for use in such storage spaces.

Rethink About What Must Be in the Bedroom

A small bedroom storage space requires you to be innovative – creating space for everything in a clutter-free manner. For this reason, keeping your clothes in the closet may make sense. But what happens when the closet is cramped with seasonal clothes? In such cases, you have no option but to find another storage space for the outfits, even outside the bedroom.

If there is a storage unit in the living room or under the sofa, it is time to use it. You can hold your storage hostage and sleep in a chaotic space simply because clothes belong to the bedroom. The same case applies to shoes and accessories you use sparingly.

Outsource Your Shoe Closet

If your closet is cramped, you can outsource your shoe closet to other spaces, such as the hallway, and create a footwear collection into a décor. You can achieve the latter by adding a row of shoe cubbies and styling the top with art and objects to give it an intentional rather than a makeshift look.

Final Thoughts

Small bedroom storage can be frustrating, especially if you are no expert at space organization. It can make your sleeping space messy and chaotic, negatively affecting your sleep and relaxation.

But with the discussed tips, you can transform your tiny space into an appealing and clutter-free space without compromising the storage and accessibility of your essentials. Your items will still be stored appropriately, within your reach, in a peaceful and clutter-free space, regardless of the tiny bedroom size.

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