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Best Shower Glass Door Cleaning Tips and Alternatives

If you’re reading this post, you definitely have a shower enclosure or shower cubicle as some people call them. But even if you don’t, a shower enclosure is one of the most rewarding bathroom components. It offers an amazing bath experience. Even so, do you know how best to clean the shower glass or its door?

The bathroom is one of the most essential spaces in your home, where you take a shower, wash your face and hands, apply and remove makeup, and brush your teeth, among other essential tasks.

The space allows you quality personal time after a hard day at work or away from your clingy little ones. Besides, it is mainly during bathroom time that inspiration strikes most people, right?

Why Should You Clean Your Shower Glass Door Properly?

On average, people spend about 1 ½ years of their lifetime in the bathroom. For this reason, you should take adequate care and maintenance of your bathroom.

Sadly, people focus most of their cleaning efforts on their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, forgetting the bathrooms. To others, the bathroom doesn’t deserve as much as the rest of the rooms in their homes – which is a wrong assumption.

If you have a little bathroom space, you should consider a shower glass cubicle or enclosure. The latter allows you to enjoy your shower without splashing water on the rest of the bathroom, leaving it clean and dry.

Unfortunately, glass showers are the hardest to clean, despite being the top indicators of a tidy bathroom. Read on to learn more about how to clean shower glass and improve your bathroom environment cleanliness.

Quick Tips for Shower Glass Door Cleaning

Maintaining a sparkling bathroom requires diligent cleaning of your shower glass. It requires you to go beyond the regular light shower glass cleaning and do more.

Regular, thorough cleaning is the key to effective shower glass cleaning. Doing so protects the glass and gives it a consistent spotless look, lovable by every bathroom user.

Before we proceed to the top techniques for cleaning shower glass, here are some tips on preventing a cloudy shower glass. The latter is a turnoff for most people and a sign that you must adequately clean the shower glass.

  1. Use a squeegee to remove the water from the shower glass after every shower. It is an effective way of preventing the formation of water stains, thus a clean glass in the shower. A microfiber towel can also help wipe off the water without a squeegee.
  2. Keep a cleaning solution in a spray bottle in the shower glass for daily use. The easy accessibility of the cleaner motivates you to clean the shower glass after every use. Besides, it is convenient as you don’t have to find it elsewhere anytime you need to use it.
  3. Change to liquid body wash to reduce the occurrence of soap scum on the shower glass. Unlike bar soap, liquid body wash is less likely to react with hard water, forming water stains. The latter is your most significant hindrance to a clean shower glass.
  4. Keep sharp objects away from your shower glass. Such objects may scratch the glass, reducing its appeal and lifespan.

4 Effective Methods of Shower Glass Cleaning

While you may know some tips on keeping the glass in shower cleaner for longer, you can apply numerous shower glass cleaning techniques. Here are some of the most effective options:

1. Vinegar

Vinegar has a powerful acidic nature that can dissolve grime, dirt, grease, and mineral deposits. Besides, it can kill bacteria.


Vinegar is a highly versatile and eco-friendly home cleaning agent commonly used today. It boasts powerful degreasing and germ-killing features, making it suitable for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom.

Vinegar is a great shower glass cleaning product as it removes hard water stains effectively. However, it is only ideal for users who can accommodate its pungent smell.

Here are the steps to clean the glass in the shower with vinegar:

  1. Prepare your clean spray bottle and fill it with distilled white vinegar. The latter contains acetic acid that cuts through soap scum but is dangerous to unsealed natural stone.
  2. Spray thoroughly on both sides of the shower glass and leave for 15 minutes. You can extend the waiting period to achieve better results.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with plain water and leave it to dry.
  4. You can polish the shower glass with a cotton rag, probably an old pillow, or a microfiber cloth for a spotless shower glass.

Vinegar is an excellent choice for someone looking for a natural shower glass how to clean method. Besides cleaning the glass perfectly, vinegar is one of the easiest and quickest shower glass cleaning techniques. It is perfect for days when you have lots of cleaning and can also serve as a sanitizer in your bathroom.

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2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda alone contains powerful properties that can dissolve grease and dirt. Its combination with vinegar can yield even more powerful results.


  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Sponge

Maintaining a sparkling shower glass requires deeper cleaning. A mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate soda becomes a convenient choice.

The combination is a robust abrasive made of white crystals that work through the limescale formations and soap scum, leaving your shower glass sparkling.

After cleaning in the same steps as the vinegar above, dampen the sponge thoroughly and sprinkle it with bicarbonate soda. Use the sponge to scrub both sides of the shower glass gently, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

3. Citrus-Lemon or Grapefruit and Salt

Fruits such as lemon, citrus, and grapes contain acidic properties that allow them to attack and soften stains, making them easy to wash away. Combined with salt, they deliver powerful cleaning results for your shower glass.


  • Salt
  • Lemon or grapefruit

If you are looking for another natural shower glass how-to-clean technique, the salt and citrus way guarantees you exemplary results. One outstanding feature about this option is that it leaves you with a thoroughly clean bathroom and a pleasant scent, unlike vinegar, which has a strong smell.

The salt is abrasive as the vinegar cuts through the grime, working on all the unpleasant formations in the bathroom.

The process is as follows:

  1. Cut the grapefruit or lemon into half
  2. Cover it with salt
  3. Use it to scrub the shower glass, constantly squeezing out the juice as you ass more salt
  4. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your clean and nice-smelling shower glass

4. Eucalyptus Cleaning Products

Eucalyptus delivers antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which make it an effective shower glass cleaner.


  • A cleaning product with eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus cleaning products make your bathroom cleaning experience quick and easy. However, it would help if you were diligent about your pick, as not every eucalyptus product is suitable.

Some of the products, for instance, are too oily. Settling for such items demands extra effort in mixing with other products and cleaning.

To avoid such cases, check out the labels on the product packaging – for eucalyptus as an ingredient – and consider the soluble ones.

Wrapping Up Shower Glass Cleaner Tips

A shower glass is a perfect choice for homes with limited bathroom space. However, these panels are hard to keep clean, which makes them cloudy and compromises their appeal and lifespan.

But with proper shower glass cleaning techniques, you can keep your bathroom clean and set the tone for your home. In addition to the above shower glass how to clean methods, you should also practice simple tips for keeping the space tidy.

These tips range from deep cleaning weekly to wiping the glass after every shower and switching to liquid body wash. You should also have a daily shower spray and squeegee in the bathroom alongside a water softening system if you live in a hard water area.


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