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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Fitted Sheets for Your Bed

Despite its many benefits, not everyone enjoys making the bed, and it’s easy to understand why. Bedmaking is one of those chores that can be boring and monotonous unless you apply a creative approach or use bedding that is easier to work with. One such bed linen is fitted sheets, a flexible bedding with elastics fitted at its four corners to make bedmaking less strenuous.

Instead of plain corners that require tucking in, fitted bed sheets feature a shower cap design where all you have to do is wrap it over the mattress, and you’re good to go.

Fitted sheets are high-quality bedding often made of soft and comfortable materials that will leave an opulent impression in your bedroom. You can purchase them with other bedding sets, especially flat sheets to be placed on top of the bed. 

However, it is a challenge for many people to know the different types of fitted sheets, how they differ from flat sheets, and how to choose the right one.

The same is true for folding and storing them. In this ultimate guide, we explain the basics of fitted sheets and more, so you won’t find using or maintaining them challenging if you think of owning some. Keep reading. 

What is the Difference Between Flat and Fitted Sheets?

First things first. Fitted sheets are often confused with flat sheets. However, as we’ve indicated earlier, they share a few similarities and a lot of differences. Here’s how they differ:


Fitted sheets have round corners with elastic bands at the edges, making them resemble shower caps. Because of the elastic, it can be challenging to fold, unlike flat sheets that have no complex details.

Ease of Use

Flat sheets are plain bedding fabrics with flat edges that have to be tucked in manually. This can be tiresome. On the other hand, fitted sheets are easy to wrap around the mattress, with the elastic providing a firm grip that keeps it in place. 


Since they lack an elastic grip at the edges, flat sheets tend to pull off the mattress and gather on the bed, causing them to wrinkle and loosen with time.

That means they require much tugging and ironing to stay in place and look neat, unlike fitted sheets, which can maintain the same crisp look for longer.


Flat sheets can be used as a single bedsheet or layered with a flat sheet, maintaining the same warmth and comfort in any weather. Additionally, they offer a protective layer for your mattress, unlike flat sheets that pull out easily at the edges. 

Finally, both flat and fitted sheets offer convenience and can be machine washed, but fitted sheets are ideal for households with children due to their ease of use. 

That’s not to say that fitted sheets are better than flat options. But it’s good to compare their differences and decide which best meets your family’s needs. 

Types of Fitted Sheets 

Most people prefer large and heavy mattresses thanks to their high comfort level. Some will use a mattress topper to upgrade their sleeping experience.

But the real comfort comes from using the best-fitted bed sheets to cover the mattress and topper and provide that much-needed softness. 

Still, with such mattresses, you need the right bed sheet, as regular ones only work best with regular mattress options. So, what type of fitted bed sheets are there?

1. Deep-fitted sheets 

Deep fitted sheets have the same design as regular fitted bed sheets but feature a deeper drop of 25 cm that helps properly tie the mattress and topper. 

2. Extra-deep fitted sheets

The extra-deep fitted sheets or 40-cm-fitted sheets differ slightly from their deep counterparts, the difference being in depth or drop length.

This one has a drop length of 40 cm, which helps tie and cover the mattress perfectly. When shopping for a deep-fitted bed sheet, we recommend measuring its depth to be sure you are buying the right one for your bedding needs. 

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What are the Benefits of Fitted Sheets?

Using fitted sheets has many advantages compared to other bed linens. If you’re considering buying them as part of your bedding set, below are some benefits to motivate you. 

1. They provide additional protection

Most standard mattresses last for 7 to 10 years. Using fitted bed sheets can increase their lifespan by several years since these bedsheet options provide extra layers of protection against normal wear and tear.

Things like stains and impurities can quickly degrade the quality of your mattress, and that’s where using fitted sheets for protection is extremely beneficial. 

2. They offer a comfortable sleeping experience 

Mild, supple fitted sheets have a silky feel that regulates your temperatures and makes sleeping more comfortable. Once a fitted bedsheet is wrapped securely and firmly over a mattress, it cannot be removed easily.

It will instead fit tightly at the corners of your mattress without being susceptible to creases. With that, you can be sure your mattress will be protected from bodily fluids, rips, and other stains prone to causing wear and tear. 

3. They’re easy to maintain 

Although the fitted bed sheet can be securely fitted on the mattress, it’s not as complicated as you’d think. Compared to quilts and comforters, it’s easy to remove at the corners thanks to the flexibility of the elastic around it.

It’s also lightweight and washable by machine, so you can clean it at home without taking it to the dry cleaners. 

How to Choose the Right-Fitted Sheets 

Now that you understand what makes the best-fitted bed sheets and why you should have them to improve your sleeping experience, you need to know how to choose the right product that best suits your needs.

A well-fitted bed sheet fits your bed securely, is made of high-quality fabric, and features the right depth and length. Below are a few tips for deciding when buying your luxury fitted bed sheets. 

1. Get the measurements right

Getting the right measurements for your mattress and bed sheets is the first place to start if you want bedsheets that will fit securely around the mattress and bed.

A video showing how to use fitted sheets

The dimensions of the bed sheets should be proportional to the mattress, and we recommend measuring and noting down the size of your mattress before you go shopping. 

If your mattress has a topper, ensure you measure the top and bottom of the topper’s seam as well. For such mattresses, pick extra deep fitted sheets of 40 cm depth with more room to cover the entire mattress and topper. 

2. Select the best-quality fabric

You can find fitted bed sheets on the market with varying degrees of quality. Choosing the right material can be confusing unless you know exactly what to look for.

To help you narrow your search amidst all the designs, colors, and styles, check out the most common types of fitted bed linen you’ll find on the market. 

  1. Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is one of the most durable bed linens out there. It’s made of the highest quality and durable fabric, which makes it the perfect choice for luxury hotel bedding. Egyptian cotton is long and fine, and the fabric is available worldwide. It offers different thread counts, so you can find one that fits your preferences and budget. 

  1. Silk bed linen

Silk is the most luxurious bed linen, popular for its health benefits. The soft fabric makes your sleeping experience comfortable but is known to cause the skin to hydrate and prevent hair damage and body wrinkles. It is a great bedding choice for summer thanks to its ability to regulate temperature and cool down your body. 

  1. Supima cotton

You probably own a bathroom towel or dressing gown made of Supima cotton. But did you know there are beddings made of this high-quality material? Popularly known as the ‘cashmere of cottons,’ this American fabric has an extraordinarily rich, smooth sateen weave with extra long cotton fiber length. Supima cotton bedsheets are soft and durable, perfect for a classical bedroom theme.

  1. Eco-friendly bedsheets

If you are big on sustainability and want to take it a little further into the bedroom, there are eco-friendly options you can consider. From Sijo to West Elm to Under the Canopy to Avocado, you can choose from various sustainable and affordable options. 

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet 

If there’s one thing most people hate about fitted bed sheets, it’s folding them. These sheets only look nice and beautiful once they’ve been spread and the elastic corners secured firmly under the mattress. 

Other than that, folding and keeping them neatly away can be a chore many would rather avoid. I know because I, too, struggled with them before I learned the art of folding them as easily and nicely as I do with flat sheets. 

If you find yourself rolling your fitted sheets into wrinkled balls and tossing them in the closet, I can’t blame you. But having mastered the trick over time, I can save you from getting frustrated with a few quick steps.

Follow this short, easy tutorial to fold your fitted sheets neatly like a pro:

  1. Folding a fitted bed sheet will be easier if you spread it first across the bed. Lay the sheet upside down with the elastic edges facing upwards. 
  1. Hold the sheet’s corners and gently shake them to straighten them out and make sure the corners are proportional. Bring each of the two corners together by folding the bed sheet in half. Tuck the corner seams into each other. 
  1. Shake out the sheet again and fold it once more to create two straight edges. Place the sheets straight on the bed and smooth them out to create a rectangle. 
  1. Next, fold up the length and width of the sheets in thirds until you form a small, neat square with the elastic edges entirely out of sight. 

And that’s how you fold fitted sheets successfully and neatly. You can step back and admire your handiwork. However, if you want to keep things smooth without creases, we recommend that you iron your sheets first. If you’re unsure how to go about this, refer to our practical guide on how to iron your fitted sheets. 


Fitted bed sheets are a great choice for every household and can be used to create different bedroom themes. They’re neat, flexible, and easy to use.

They are also versatile because you can use them during those freezing winter months and even amidst the blazing summer heat. They’re made of various materials with varying degrees of quality, so there’s something for every buyer. 

These beddings guarantee extra mattress protection and comfortable sleep, and since they’re easy to maintain, you can machine wash them conveniently at home. Although flat sheets are just as great, fitted sheets come with more benefits. 


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