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What is a Flip Over Mattress? Versatile Bedding Solution

Flip-over mattresses have been in existence for decades. It’s the rise of foam mattresses that significantly pushed aside the flappable mattresses. However, it is common to come across a flip over mattress in your search for new bedroom accessories and small bedroom furniture.

In this article, we will discuss everything you should know about a flip-over mattress. Read on to learn more.

What is a Flip Over Mattress?

Most modern mattresses are made with one usable side in mind. They are designed with soft padding installed on high-density foam and thick numerous layers to guarantee you comfort as you sleep.

A flip over mattress, on the other hand, is carefully crafted to guarantee comfort and soothing sleep on both sides. It’s fitted with a classic innerspring system at the center and padding on both sides. That way, it supports your body’s weight regardless of the side you choose to use.

The thick padded layers on both sides of the mattress may be made from natural materials such as cotton and wool or synthetics like memory foam and polyester. The dense comfortable layer may also be a blend of both materials.

It’s advisable to flip your two-sided mattress regularly. The primary purpose of investing in a flip-over mattress is to allow you to enjoy both sides of your mattress.

By so doing, you enjoy better comfort while increasing your mattress’ lifespan. With these key benefits, why wouldn’t you want to try a flippable mattress?

Unfortunately, flipping your mattress isn’t as easy as it previously was. For instance, mattress designs have tremendously changed over the years, making mattress flipping harder.

However, you can still enjoy the benefits of this practice by investing in a quality flip over mattress when shopping for a new or used king size bed, small bedroom furniture, and other new bedroom accessories.

Why Is It Advisable to Flip Your Two-Sided Mattress?

Sleeping in the same spot for several months results in some dents on your mattress. Continuous use of the same spot leads to some uneven mattress wear and eventually, an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

It’s during such moments that flipping becomes crucial. The practice helps extend your mattress’ lifespan by ensuring a uniform supply of pressure on all parts of the mattress.

Besides saving your bank balance, flipping your mattress improves the quality of sleep and protects those with back pain. As you practice mattress flipping, you should understand that the surface you use may be linked to sleep discomfort.

Fortunately, further research and a 2009 study show that replacing mattresses with medium firm designs can significantly reduce pain while increasing the quality of your sleep.

For this reason, you can reap similar benefits from a fresh surface that you haven’t previously used as those from a new mattress.

7 Top Advantages of a Flip Over Mattress

Flipping involves turning over your mattress, such that the side you were previously using faces the bed frame and the fresh one comes up for use.

This practice was popular before the coming of memory foam mattresses, which don’t necessarily require flipping. But are there rewards you can reap from flipping your mattress? Here are the top benefits.

1. Extends its lifespan

A constantly used mattress presents fast and significant signs of wear and tear. Over time, the mattress becomes saggy and sloppy due to loss of structure which results from substantial weight in the same spot.

It’s advisable to flip your mattress every three to six months or any time you notice signs of sagging. Neglecting this maintenance routine forces your mattress to wear out unevenly. This may force you to get a replacement sooner – which is costlier.

Flipping your mattress gives a new side the obligation to support you for a while, as the used one recovers. With time, the previously used side heals and restores its shape.

Repeating the process means no part of the mattress undergoes undue stress, thus greater longevity and longer lifespan.

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2. Improves your health

Keeping your mattress in great shape guarantees your body the utmost support during your night’s sleep. With the spine properly aligned, your chances of suffering back and neck pain are greatly reduced.

Besides, you will enjoy more comfort as you sleep, which allows you to enjoy longer and quality sleep. Numerous studies link quality sleep and proper sleeping positions to better health and well-being.

Some of the health benefits you can reap from sleeping properly include healthy emotions and brain functions, reduced risk of most chronic diseases, and appetite regulation. It also balances hunger hormones.

With all these benefits awaiting you, it’s irresistible to dedicate a few minutes to flip your mattress and enjoy worthwhile rewards for your health.

3. Reduces allergens

More than 20 million people in America are allergic to mattress allergens such as dust and dust mites. On the brighter side, flipping your mattress allows you to easily do your routine maintenance cleaning.

Doing so significantly reduces the number of these allergens, which minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions among your household members. The process involves regularly vacuuming your mattress to decrease the number of pesky allergens.

Besides, it ensures that it is not just one side of the mattress that is exposed to indoor dust and your old skin cells.

4. Greater comfort

Single-sided mattresses may be comfortable, but only for a while. When the upper plushy side wears out after regular use, it becomes saggy and sloppy, which becomes uncomfortable and deprives you of quality sleep.

A flip over mattress becomes handy in such cases. It’s during such moments that you flip them over and enjoy a fresh and comfortable side, as the other recovers and restores its original state.

Unlike in the case of one-sided mattresses, the fresh side feels new and allows you to enjoy restful sleep, on an old mattress.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Flippable mattresses last longer than their one-sided counterparts. Flipping your mattress allows the worn-out fiber to recover, bounce back into place, and restore its original shape.

Shifting from one side to the other ensures that you enjoy quality and uncompromised comfort levels on the same mattress.

These mattresses – flipovers – save you lots of money, as you only shift to the other side when the current one wears out instead of buying new costly ones. Unlike the case with one-sided ones, flipping over instead of getting a replacement is a cheaper and cost-effective option.

6. Enhanced body support

Using a one-sided mattress past its lifespan – before getting a replacement – deprives your body of restful sleep and support. It’s impossible to rejuvenate your mind on an old and worn-out mattress, past its prime years.

Fortunately, it would be best if you didn’t take such risks with a flip over mattress as you can turn it over immediately after you start seeing signs of wear and tear. That way, you can enjoy continuous body support regardless of your mattress’ age.

7. Made of natural materials

Flip-over mattresses are made from either synthetic materials such as polyester or natural materials like cotton and wool. The latter are better fitted to make these materials, as they easily fluff back to their original state making them ideal for flipping over.

When you turn over these mattresses, the cotton or woolen layer on the previously used side gets time to recover and bounce back, as you enjoy a fresh side that feels new and comfortable.

How to Flip Over Your Mattress

  • Confirm that your mattress is flippable – some aren’t designed to be flipped. The top and bottom corners of the mattress should be identical.
  • Rotate – sliding the mattress 90 degrees to make the sides parallel to the footboard and headboard.
  • Prop it – Tilting the mattress until it stands then lean it against the wall or a sturdy surface.
  • Vacuum it – With both sides visible and accessible, you can vacuum the mattress and accomplish other random cleaning tasks.
  • Flip it – Turn over the mattress and re-install it on the bed.
  • Rotate into place – Ensure that the mattress fits perfectly before putting back your favorite sheets and slipping in.

Pro Tip: If you suffer from back pain, you can always find someone to help rotate and flip your materials. Besides, you should ensure you bend lift with your legs and not back.

Rotating Vs. Flipping

There are some cases where you can’t flip but rotate your materials. The latter involves turning your mattress through 180 degrees – the end you previously used on the head side moves to the feet and vice versa.

How to Flip Over Mattress | YouTube

Flipping on the other hand involves completely turning over the mattress with the top surface shifting to the bed frame, revealing a fresh sleeping surface.

Flipping applies to two-sided mattresses while rotating is suitable for a one sided mattress that is not designed for use on both sides.

Ready to Get a Flippable Mattress?

Flipping plays a crucial role in elongating your two-sided mattress’ longevity and lifespan. Besides, it also ensures that you enjoy a restful and more comfortable sleep all night long with your existing mattress.

If your mattress is one-sided, you can rotate it to enjoy similar benefits as you plan on investing in a flip over mattress on your next shopping for new bedroom accessories.


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