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10 Reasons Why It’s Important to Make Your Bed

We understand it’s tempting to roll out of your bed and start your day, without making your bed. Just leave a crumpled pile of sheets in your wake, especially when running late. But haven’t you given it a second thought to make your bed daily?

You may give all sorts of excuses. You have no time, no one will see the mess, why make it only to unmake it in the evening, and it’s not essential among others.

But did you know that making your bed, regardless of how simple you do it, goes a long way in impacting your mental health and sleep quality?

Moreover, making your bed is one of the simplest tasks ever. It only requires a few minutes to make your sleeping space tidy with propped-up pillows and smoothened sheets.

So, if you don’t like this chore, it’s time to learn how to make your bed. It’s the key to starting your day on the right tone and it says a lot about your personality. Here are the top 10 benefits you can reap from this valuable habit.

1. Make Your Bed: It Helps You Start Your Day Right

One of the leading reasons why you should learn how to make your bed every morning is because it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Starting your day with an organized bed makes you more productive. For this reason, you are more likely to complete the rest of your tasks both at home and at work. Besides, you will be driven to work and improve on most areas in your life that need improvement.

Furthermore, learning how to make your bed serves as a reminder that the simple things in life carry greater rewards than the efforts they demand.

2. Bed-making Promotes Cleanliness

An unmade bed has a huge negative impact on the look of your sleeping space. Regardless of its style or aesthetics. When you make your bed, perfectly or imperfectly, it’s the secret to styling the rest of your bedroom.

With time, as you adopt the bed-making habit, you get motivated to improve your skills and make the little changes to improve your bedroom’s overall appeal.

Besides making your bedroom tidy, making your bed every morning means spreading out your bedding, which exposes dust mites to clean air and daylight.

In such cases, the mites dry up and perish, leaving your bed and bedding mite-free. Leaving your bed unmade on the other hand, traps warmth and moisture, which creates an ideal environment for dust mites to thrive.

3. Make Your Bed: It Increases Productivity

Your productivity at work may suffer due to a range of reasons, including stress, poor work-life balance, and poor working conditions.

But did you know that if you learn how to make your bed you can significantly improve your productivity? The habit sets the right tone for the rest of your day, which gives you a sense of success even before you have your tea, coffee, or whatever you take for breakfast.

Experts claim that bedmaking is one of the easiest daily success secrets to winning that people should adopt. It sets in motion to accomplish a series of other productive habits.

As you learn how to make your bed, ensure that you also invest in quality memory foam mattresses. Doing so not only guarantees you quality sleep but also encourages you to make your bed every morning.

Other little secrets to enhancing your productivity include having a routine each morning or evening. This may include doing your dishes after dinner or working out and having a healthy breakfast daily.

You should also ensure you reward yourself with a hot bath after work to relax ahead of some quality sleep. Always remember that little beginnings are the key to great things.

4. Bed-making Lowers Stress and Improves Your Mood

Interestingly, making your bed also has a significant positive impact on your mood. It helps you relax and feel happier.

For this reason, most people who suffer from mental conditions feel happier when their homes are clean and organized. It’s no wonder when some people get stressed, they start cleaning their homes.

While an external disarray may represent your internal conflict, the opposite may also be true. By living in a clean environment, you can achieve inner peace, as you fight through another day, which is undeniably invaluable.

You can also invest in affordable bedroom dressers or a great king size bed to improve your home’s appeal while enjoying quality sleep.

5. Make Your Bed: It Leads to Better Sleep

If you are still doubtful about the importance of making your bed, did you know that people who practice the habit enjoy 19% better sleep than those who don’t?

If you’re looking for the little secrets to enjoying a decent night’s sleep, it is time to learn how to make your bed. This habit is a simple task that takes a few minutes but its effect goes above and beyond.

You don’t have to make an Insta-Worthy bed after your wake, especially if you’re still learning or don’t have much time. All you should do is ensure that the comforter is on top of the sheets and the bed is tidy. It’s as easy as that.

6. Making Your Bed Improves Your Mental Health

The bed-making habit has a huge impact on your mental health. Based on the National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom Poll, 70% of Americans make their beds every morning.

With such a huge number adopting the morning ritual, are there any benefits they reap from the habit? Yes. There are numerous mental benefits that you can enjoy from making your bed each morning.

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For instance, it gives a sense of calm and relaxation, reduces stress, helps you sleep and focus better, improves your organization skills, and gives a sense of accomplishment.

The next time you are struggling with your mental health or any of these aspects, try making your bed and you will see the outcome.

7. Make Your Bed: It Improves Your Bedroom Aesthetics

Just like your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, your bedroom should also look tidy and appealing.

There are numerous investments you should make towards enhancing the bedroom aesthetic, including having the best king size bed, affordable bedroom dressers, and quality memory foam mattresses.

In addition to making the right investments, making your bed each morning can surprisingly improve the look of your sleeping space.

And for better quality sleep, your memory foam mattresses should be well-fitted on the best king size bed. Besides, you can check affordable bedroom dressers on the market and pick one.

Once bought, it should be tidy and well organized. A pretty-looking bed creates an inviting sleeping environment for you to sink in after work, which means a good night’s sleep.

8. Bed-making Sets a Tidy Tone for the Rest of the Home

Making your bed each morning after your wake helps set a precedent for keeping the entire home similarly tidy.

Leaving the bed unmade in the morning creates a bigger mess that requires a greater effort to handle later on. If you hate making the bed, you can opt for a simpler routine that requires little time and minimal effort.

For instance, you may invest in anti-crease linens or a coverless duvet, alongside single top-notch quality pillows to support your head and spine.

The combination takes minimal time and effort to make the bed, which means a comfortable sleeping environment and a simple morning routine.

With your bed made, you are guaranteed to enjoy a productive day at home and work. You will be motivated to do your dishes after dinner among other tasks on your routine that make your home tidy.

9. Make Your Bed: It Helps You Wake Up

Memory foam mattresses paired with the best king-size bed can tempt you to sleep longer, thanks to the cozy and plushy sleep they bring.

However, if you know that you have a crucial task – bed making – ahead of you to make your sacred sleeping space pretty and likable, it’s motivation enough for you to wake up early.

The task helps kickstart your day as you sever ties with your king size bed and memory foam mattresses to prepare the bed and the bedroom dresser.

Create the right mindset – get out of bed and pajamas, make your bed, and start your day – and you will enjoy a fruitful day every day.

10. Bed-making Protects Your Mattress from Dust

Even the best mattress protectors need protection to ensure the optimal protection of your memory foam mattresses. Regular bed-making – every morning – serves a crucial role in protecting your sheets, mattress, and king size bed.

It prevents dust from settling on your bed, mattress, and bedroom dresser, which is invaluable for people with allergies. The process involves shaking your pillows, duvets, sheets, and comforters to allow them to breathe and remove any dust, dust mites, and pet fur.

Fluffing, on the other hand, helps keep the duvets and pillows in their original shape, which enhances their durability.

Ready to Make Your Bed?

Making your bed each morning has an all-around impact on your life. From improving your mental health to increasing your productivity at work and setting the right tone for the rest of your home and day.

For these reasons, there is no reason why you should continue leaving your bed unmade as you go to work. If you’re still a beginner at bed making, start by a simple bed making routine before incorporating the Insta-Worthy and Pinterest routines.


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