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How to Choose the Right Memory Foam Mattress and Its Top Benefits

Discover the benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress and learn how to choose the right one. Upgrade your sleep and say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams.

You deserve quality sleep as one of the keys to improving your quality of life and performance at work. Unfortunately, most people struggle with insomnia, among other sleep-related issues, which denies them a good night’s sleep.

But did you know that one of the reasons you possibly don’t sleep well at night is because of your mattress?

Like most other things in the market today, mattresses are not created equal. They currently come in two main categories:

  1. Memory foam mattress
  2. Traditional spring mattress

But before you go out in search of your memory foam mattress, which is an increasingly popular option, is it a great choice for you?

Here is a guide about the memory foam mattress – what is it? What are its benefits and how do you select the right one? Read on to learn more.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress and Why is it Good?

The best memory foam mattress offers you an opportunity to incorporate the idea of space-age technology into your bedroom. The material production began in the ‘60s exclusively for NASA aircraft seats before spreading to sports helmets, hospital beds, and shoe soles. But how does memory foam work?

As the name implies, the memory foam absorbs pressure that you apply to it but resumes its deflated shape once you remove the pressure making it viscoelastic. The latter means that your memory foam mattress has two distinct features:

  • Viscous – slow response
  • Elastic – high flexibility and low resistance

Due to these features, memory foam becomes one of the best materials for making comfortable and therapeutic mattresses – where you spend about a third of your day, resting and relaxing.

Key Benefits of Choosing Memory Foam Mattress

Before switching to the best foam mattress available your way, you should take time to understand some of the perks that come with the investment. Let’s explore some of the major benefits that come with an affordable memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon

1. Support and comfort

One of the distinctive features of a memory foam mattress is the way it contours the human body, supporting you in the most comfortable way as you sleep. When you suddenly wake up from the mattress, you find a physical memory – imprint – on your body shape on the mattress.

A night’s long sleep on the mattress, on the other hand, results in a great experience in which the mattress comfortably hugs your body. The key benefits you reap from the best foam mattress hug are:

  • Adequate back support
  • Recovery from pressure points

Sleeping on a firm mattress creates pressure points on areas such as hips, knees, and shoulders due to body weight. In such cases, you wake in the morning feeling sore, which is why a memory foam mattress is crucial.

The mattress relieves you from these pressure points by ensuring an even distribution of body weight and adequate resistance. By offering adequate support and ensuring even distribution of body weight, a memory foam mattress becomes a crucial investment, especially for people struggling with back pain.

Besides, it works for anyone in need of extra support for their back. These mattresses contour around your body ensuring proper spinal alignment while offering the necessary support.

2. A memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic

Traditional spring mattresses comprise huge open spaces that can accommodate mold and dust mites, making them risky for people with asthma and allergies.

In addition to being hypoallergenic, memory foam mattresses are denser than spring mattresses, which makes them resistant to common allergens. If you are asthmatic or suffer from any allergies, a memory foam mattress on Amazon should be a viable option.

3. Low noise and motion transfer

Everyone deserves quiet and peaceful sleep, whether you sleep alone or with a partner. Motion noise and transfer can be annoying and distract people in their sleep which compromises the quality of your sleep.

Fortunately, a memory foam mattress offers minimal noise and motion transfer. This ensures you sleep quietly throughout the night regardless of how much you or your partner toss or move around, roll over, or get up.

4. Ease of purchase

Another major benefit of memory foam mattresses is their convenience during purchase. The material – memory foam – is easy to roll and ship to the customer in a deflated form eliminating the need for big boxes during shopping.

Besides, you can also consider online platforms such as memory foam mattresses on Amazon for huge discounts and greater convenience as you don’t have to visit physical stores and warehouses in search of quality mattresses.

How to Choose Quality and Affordable Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress is not just somewhere you sleep but where you spend about a third of your lifetime. Memory foam mattresses are a great investment for someone looking for a quality mattress that relieves back pain, and pressure points, is hypoallergenic, and isolates motion.

However, these mattresses are not created equal and you should be keen to ensure you select the best. Here are some qualities you should put in mind when shopping:

1. Foam density

One of the leading qualities you should put in mind when selecting a memory foam mattress is its foam density. The latter is crucial as it determines its durability and longevity.

Foam density has a vital impact on how the mattress feels and performs, explaining why high foam density is firm and resistant to pressure while low foam density is softer and less resistant to pressure.

Manufacturers often mix various foam types and density ratings when making foam mattresses. Therefore, you should closely read the label to ensure you pick the right product.

Besides, most companies claim to use density foam ranging from 5 pounds or higher but don’t specify that the weight is exclusively for the first inch of the mattress, making the inner inches weaker.

2. Durability

A memory foam mattress is a costly investment that you wish would last for at least a decade. However, when you pick a mattress made of cheap and poor-quality materials and foams, it won’t last as long as you want. So, you should pay attention to mattresses made of high-end memory foam such as organic latex.

3. Temperature regulation

It is commonly said that memory foam mattresses are unsuitable for hot sleepers as they often trap body heat. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying these amazing mattresses. You should consider those with cooling gel beads.

The latter act as coolants ensuring you sleep cooler while enjoying the foam mattress experience. Alternatively, you can also consider mattresses with quality organic materials that naturally absorb body heat, promising a great night’s sleep.

4. Millimeter of mercury in the mattress

The Millimeter of Mercury, mmHg, refers to the unit of pressure used to determine how a mattress reacts to pressure. The value of mmHg of the mattress you pick gives you an insight into how the mattress should behave when you use it overnight, and its comfort level.

The standard value according to healthcare experts is 32 mmHg, as anything above impedes your blood circulation while a lower figure is pressure relieving.

Wrapping Up Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are popular for relieving pressure points and back pain, making them a therapeutic bedroom investment.

However, these mattresses are not created the same, thus, you should be keen about what you pick. The goal is to ensure that you get the utmost value from the investment and with the above buying guide, you can get the best product.


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