Aireloom Mattress Review: Unraveling Luxury and Comfort for a Better Sleep Experience

We can never overestimate the importance of quality sleep. It’s the key to improving the quality of your life and work performance. This Aireloom mattress review uncovers everything you need to know about improving the quality of sleep through a great mattress.

Not everyone enjoys a great night’s sleep due to back and neck pain, insomnia, and other sleep-related issues. One of the leading causes of poor quality of sleep is a bad mattress.

If this is your current struggle, we’ve got you covered. This Aireloom mattress review provides everything you need to know about the handcrafted American mattress, famous for its perfect blend of support and comfort.

Read on for everything about the Aireloom brand mattress – its brand and legacy, collection, construction, materials, comfort and support, cooling technology, durability, and longevity.

We also delve into its comparison with competing brands, customer reviews and satisfaction, pricing, and value proposition, customer support, and return policy.

Aireloom Mattress Review: The Brand and Legacy

Aireloom is one of the most reliable options that sleepers looking for a world-class luxury mattress can explore. The handmade mattress is a product of E.S. Kluft & Company based in California.

Aireloom mattress is exclusively sold by American mattress retailers such as Bloomingdale. So, it is perfect for buyers who love to personally review a mattress before purchasing it.

The mattress sets higher luxury standards by ensuring that the artisans focus on every cut, stitch, and layer they make thus the name “labor of love.”

Aireloom Mattress Review: First company

Aireloom was first founded by King Karpen in the 1940s as a luxury item for the Hollywood elite. The beds were meticulously handcrafted which gave birth to the name the “Rolls Royce” of mattresses.

Aireloom mattress | Aireloom official website

With time, the beds penetrated the red carpet and reached the East Coast, which forced the then president, Ronald Reagan, to swap all White House mattresses with the Airelooms.

The incident made a few more sales for Aireloom and it’s currently managed by The Flex Group – a privately held global mattress manufacturer.

The mattress still oozes some artisanal feel, as the company intensely emphasizes quality over quantity alongside a meticulous design and innovative comfort amidst the Californian flair.

Aireloom Mattress Collection: A Diverse Range of Options

The Aireloom collection comprises 5 mattresses as discussed below:

1. Karpen Natural

The Karpen Natural collection is made of six mattresses. Each of these mattresses features TerraPur™ natural latex comfort layers. The offerings range from the soft ones filled with cashmere or wool and alpaca to the firmer ones that mainly focus on the ultra-responsive dense latex benefits.

Other mattresses in this category may contain foam in their surface layers.


  • Belgian Jacquard Demask fabric with SeaCell;
  • Natural fibers (like wool and cashmere), foam, and/or cotton tricot;
  • Plush TerraPur™ Natural Latex;
  • Support-flex™ tempered 15 gauge individually wrapped coils.

Pros: It’s a Latex-focused mattress with luxury comfort elements. Its durability is unquestionable.

Cons: Some sleepers disagree about its comfort and compression. Its price value may be a concern for some buyers.

2. Karpen Luxury

This class of Aireloom mattresses comprises 5 mattress types inspired by Hollywood glamour. The primary comfort of these mattresses comes from the Talalay latex and micro coils that offer zoned support.

The quilted top comprises wool, silk, and cashmere fibers which combine with foam to create the signature Aireloom Lift™.


  • Plush HD foam
  • Talalay latex layer
  • Zoned micro coils

Pro: The inclusion of responsive latex material layers available in multiple firmness options.

Con: High prices for memory foams that are available for way less by competitive brands.

3. Preferred

This collection category has had an upgrade with two different designs that come in multiple firmness options. The upgrades are the Luxetop™ and Streamline ™.

The latter features Aireluxe™ foam and slow recovery visco foam or TerraPur™ latex in four firmness levels – firm, extra firm, plush, and luxury firm.

The Luxetop version is made of micro-coils and a luxury firm or multiple upgraded plush options.


  • Tencel® and Phase Change material quilted covers;
  • Aireluxe™ foam;
  • M1 or M2 Micro Coils or high-density foam;
  • Tempered coils based on feel.


  • Features cooling technologies in the top layers;
  • Multiple firmness and top designs;
  • High-quality materials.


  • Overly high price tag compared to competitive brands

4. Pacific Palisades

This Aireloom collection is made up of 4 mattress types namely the Phoenix, Sabal, Armata, and Coronata. They range from extra firm models to plush. They feature a euro-top, Tencel™ covers, high-density foam encasement to increase edge support, and cooling CopperGel & trade foam.

These mattresses allow you a chance to enjoy uncompromised Aireloom handcrafting techniques at a significantly low introductory price without any unnecessary frills.


  • Tencel™ cover;
  • Silk/wool quilting;
  • Memory foam and ‘Aireluxe’ foams;


  • More streamlined, balanced, and affordable.


  • Some sleepers may experience durability in some cases.

5. Aspire Hybrid

This is an ideal option for buyers looking for a minimalistic mattress in the Aireloom mattress collection. While it may be higher-priced than the competitive options available, this class is the most affordable of the Aireloom mattresses.

It comes in firm and plush options and features the Luma SilverTech™ cooling memory foam, alongside a high-density encased perimeter to optimize edge support.


  • Cooling memory foam and ‘Airelux’ foams;
  • Pocket coils;
  • Tencel® covers.


  • The most affordable of the Aireloom collection but still being handcrafted.


  • Still has some lingering sagging complaints;
  • A high price tag.

Aireloom Mattress Review: Construction and Materials

The Aireloom mattress profile measures 143 ¾” – 13 ½” firm – and is designed to bring utmost comfort, beauty, and luxury into your bedroom.

While the company doesn’t disclose each layer’s construction thickness, they explain the material used to make the layers. By understanding each layer and material used, you can ascertain how the bed delivers such support and comfort.

1. The top layer

The outer quilt is made of 100% rayon and envelops layers of Joma wool, silk, and cashmere, which explains its breathability, luxury, and hypoallergenic properties.

The Firm option features a plush HD foam layer and Pillowflex layer while the Luxury Firm comes with two layers of plush HD foam.

The covers on both options are hand-tufted and come with a cotton tricot backing.

2. Comfort and support layers

Aireloom is popular for producing high-quality luxury mattresses, and this luxury exceeds the top layer. To achieve this goal, the inside of each mattress is thoughtfully constructed, with the first layer being made of Luxury Firm Talalay latex – an extra firm type.

The latex layers ensure the sleeper’s breathability all night long, in a sturdy bed that ensures adequate support in all the right places. The layers also promote air circulation keeping you cooler as you sleep.

Beneath the latex layers are the zoned pocketed micro coils that minimize motion transfer while enhancing the bed’s strength and integrity. The springs are supported by a layer of Plush Airelux while the Firm features the Firm Airelux.

Lastly, the mattress has a nested coil zone design made of 16/15/16 gauge coils.

3. Extra quality

Aireloom is the “Rolls Royce” of mattresses; therefore, quality isn’t something they can compromise during construction. To ensure that you enjoy this quality in each piece, the company handcrafts every mattress.

It keeps the fabric layers in place while the taut aids in offering additional back support for the sleepers.

Aireloom Mattress Review: Construction | YouTube

Comfort and Support

Aireloom guarantees utmost comfort as you sleep using different materials in its mattress’ multiple layers. These materials include memory foam and Talalay latex foam.

Each mattress type uses one or several layers to achieve its desired comfort and firmness levels. For this reason, the comfort and support of each Aireloom mattress varies depending on the layers of latex used in the comfort layer.

On the other hand, adequate support goes way beyond just comfort. It’s the key to ensuring that your spine is properly aligned as you sleep, which prevents you from tossing and turning around, making you vulnerable to back pain.

The micro-coil zone design ensures that the mattress offers adequate support that your spine needs as you sleep. The coils are individually wrapped, which maximizes the strength and provides consistent support distribution.

The meticulous construction combined with the latex layers’ conforming qualities guarantees you a natural spine curve all night long.

Cooling Technology: Staying Cool Throughout the Night

Aireloom makes its mattresses from some of the finest global materials to ensure high quality, support, and comfort for the users. Initially, the products were meant for the Royalty, Hollywood Elites, and the White House.

The construction involves meticulous placement of every layer using natural materials, premium foams, and superior latex. This ensures unsurpassed support, pressure relief, and comfort throughout the night.

If you struggle with moisture and heat buildup at night, this mattress could be the best solution. Besides its unmatched durability, it also comprises layers of prime cotton felt that promote its breathability while protecting you from heat and moisture buildup.

Aireloom mattresses are also made of superior latex, which makes them antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, breathable, and durable. It’s the finest in the world and offers a unique buoyancy experience.

With this quality, they relax your muscles and relieve tension you may have acquired during the day. In the mattress, you will also find micro-coils that enhance airflow as you sleep, ensuring increased support and stability.

These moisture-wicking materials allow hot sleepers to enjoy a comfortable and better night’s sleep free from heat and moisture buildup.

Aireloom Mattress Review: Durability and Longevity

Aireloom mattresses are made from high-quality and durable materials. Besides using the best materials, the manufacturers also construct the mattresses meticulously – handmade, paying attention to every cut, stitch, and layer – thus the phrase ‘labor of love.’

For this reason, the mattresses are highly durable, but the lifespan varies depending on the model, care, and usage among other factors. With proper care and maintenance, your Aireloom mattress can last for up to 8 to 10 years or even longer.

Some of the vital tips for increasing your mattress’ lifespan include regularly rotating it to prevent sagging and investing in a high-quality mattress protector that prevents stains, spills, and other damages.

Besides, you should also avoid using a supportive bed frame or foundation as it can also prolong your mattress’ lifespan.

Comparisons with Competing Brands

Aireloom vs. Saatva

Both companies specialize in luxury mattresses – handmade, American, using inner springs and different foam layers.

However, Aireloom doesn’t compromise its materials and construction techniques to provide the best mattress. So, it costs way more than Saatva, which you can find at less than $1000.

As the latter utilizes its distinctive ‘coil on coil’ technique, Aireloom uses nested and micro coils.

Aireloom vs. Tempur-pedic

Tempur-pedic is the pioneer of memory foam mattresses. It bears the reputation of starting the memory movement in the mattress industry and is part of the powerhouse, Tempur-Sealy alongside Foster and Stearns.

The suite comes with offerings ideal for almost every sleeper – including a recent mattress-in-box – and exclusive deals you can enjoy online.

Aireloom vs. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle has created one of the biggest splashes in the mattress world thanks to its significantly low prices on all-foam mattresses. The company recently launched two new designs: The new Mint Hybrid and The Mint.

These additions offer a greater quality and an immensely pressure-relieving feel alongside a removable and washable top layer cover.

Overall, Aireloom is a greater option compared to the competing brands as it is meticulously made from some of the best materials from different parts of the world.

Its construction is defined as the ‘labor of love’ – it involves carefully placing a layer of natural materials, premium foams, and superior latex to provide you with excellent body support, unsurpassed comfort, and pressure relief all night long.

Pricing and Value Proposition

Aireloom mattresses cost between $2000 and $20,000 depending on the model, retailer, and other factors. It’s advisable to visit the retail store to determine the exact cost.

But with the quality and amount of work put into their construction, these mattresses deserve every dollar you spend on them for you to enjoy the plushness and luxury designed for the White House, Royalties, and Hollywood elites.

Customer Support and Return Policy

If you purchase an Aireloom mattress and find it unsuitable for your needs, the customer support team is always willing to help you.

You can return the item within 7 days of purchase but be ready to cater for the delivery and collection charges. And since the mattresses are sold in retail stores, there is no trial period for these Aireloom products.

Ready to Choose Aireloom Mattress?

Aireloom is a blend of luxury and comfort, thanks to all the hard work invested in its construction. For a mattress designed for the White House, Hollywood elites, and Royalties, there is no room to doubt its quality of materials and labor.

Its hybrid construction guarantees you excellent support and comfort – zoned micro coil design and latex layers – alongside the finest materials and handcrafting techniques. With all these in mind, it is time to invest in this luxurious feel and sleep like a king.


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