Pregnancy Pillow | Do You Need It?

Yes, all pregnant women need the best pregnancy pillow as one of their bedroom accessories. Many would-be moms are curious whether they need a pregnancy pillow in their bedrooms, especially in the second trimester when their baby bump becomes more visible.

Pregnancy is an exciting journey but it comes with challenges such as extra discomfort, pains, and aches as the body adjusts to new changes.

These challenges can make it difficult to achieve adequate rest, which is quite important during pregnancy. Even by trying different sleeping positions and adding extra bed pillows, you’ll realize the problem needs a specific solution. Here is where a pregnancy pillow comes into play.

What is a Maternity Pillow?

Also known as a pregnancy pillow, a maternity pillow is a special type of pillow designed to support the body during pregnancy. Pregnancy causes several body changes, and your regular bed pillows may not help much.

A maternity pillow allows you to get adequate support for your body through various positions while lying down. This can improve your sleep and make you feel comfortable during pregnancy. Especially in the second and last trimesters of pregnancy, lying on the back is not recommended. Many women also have challenges sleeping in normal positions during pregnancy. 

How Necessary Is a Pregnancy Body Pillow?

For all women, adequate rest is important during pregnancy because it facilitates the body’s normal functions, including blood circulation and oxygen supply to the vital organs. However, an expanding belly can get in the way and prevent you from getting adequate rest.

In such times, you’ll realize you get more uncomfortable lying down as your baby bump grows. This imposes pressure on certain body parts such as the back and lower abdomen, which may cause lower back pain or sore hips.

 Pregnancy pillow: Image Courtesy of Amazon

In the last trimester of your pregnancy, you’re not allowed to sleep on your back because the baby’s weight exerts pressure on a major vein that supplies your uterus with blood. Sleeping on your back may also increase the risk of stillbirth, according to this evidence

With this in mind, the best option is to sleep on the side, but this position also puts more pressure on your back and hips. To alleviate the pressure, you need an ergonomically designed pregnancy pillow Amazon can offer. 

A pregnancy pillow will support different parts of your body by distributing your weight evenly and minimizing pressure points. Consequently, you’ll be comfortable and able to rest adequately without waking up to aches and pains every morning.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are available in different types:

1. Wedge pillows: These are the smallest type, also known as maternity cushions. Wedge maternity pillows are available in a round or triangular wedge, which makes them great for post-pregnancy use too. 

Due to their size, you can place them where you need the support most. You can also use them as standard pillows to reduce heartburn and acid reflux.

2. Full-length pregnancy pillows are also available. Also known as back sleeper pregnancy pillows, these pillows are just like how their name sounds–they measure the entire length of your body. You can use a full-length pregnancy pillow to focus on cushioning your arms, belly, or legs. However, they don’t offer much support to the back.

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Full-length pregnancy pillows are available in two forms: straight and flexible. This allows you to choose one that best meets your expectations, so you can manipulate it to lie the way you want. 

3. Total body pillows are another category of the best pregnancy pillows. These pillows support virtually everything because they are large and designed to fit any length. They are most useful during the second trimester of pregnancy. They support the back and reduce any back or hip pain that may arise during this time. 

Additionally, total body pillows are available in two categories: C-shaped and U-shaped. A C-shaped pregnancy pillow supports your head, belly, legs, and back. On the other hand, a U-shaped pillow is ideal for full back support. 

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Many users buy pregnancy pillows but don’t know how to use them properly. Here’s what the experts recommend:

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

As noted earlier in this guide, a U-shaped pillow provides full body support to relieve your back, head, neck, belly, and lower legs. This accessory can be a lifesaver if you normally sleep on your back or become restless at night. It requires no adjustment at all, even if you turn yourself over.

Perhaps one downside of this pillow is that it takes up much of the bed space, so it might not be ideal if you’re sharing a bed. 

How to use: Turn the ‘U’ upside down and let your head rest on the ‘U’ part while the opening of the ‘U’ part comes between your feet. 

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

A C-shaped pillow is ideal for relieving pelvic tension while offering full support to your back, head, and neck. It’s also ideal if you’re suffering from fluid retention in the ankles and legs. The C-shape design also works well for curvy women because they can adjust it in many ways to create various shapes. 

How to use: Support your back on the curved part while the open part comes near your belly.

J Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

J-shaped maternity pillows provide adequate back, neck, and head support similar to the U-shaped design. While it’s slightly smaller than the U-shaped model, it works for users who share beds with their partners. It can also be used on smaller beds. 

Since it lacks the extra side that U-shaped pillows offer, it’s not ideal for a sitting position. Even so, it’s a good option for anyone in need of a pregnancy pillow just for sleep reasons. 

How to use: This maternity pillow is usable in multiple ways. Run the long side along your back or belly. Alternatively, tuck the long end between your legs or under your head to offer extra neck support.

Wedge Maternity Pillow

A pregnancy wedge pillow allows you to hold yourself up to sleep, which is important if you experience heartburn at night. Sleeping upright can help minimize the symptoms of heartburn. You can also place a cold or hot pack under a wedge pillow to regulate the temperatures at night. 

Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows are small and portable. 

How to use: This maternity pillow is straightforward to use. Use it to support yourself up or place it under the belly if you’re lying down on your side. 

Picking the Right Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are available in different types to provide support and comfort to various areas of your body. Importantly, you should analyze your specific needs before you choose a maternity pillow. Do you want to focus on back, neck, or full-body support?

Besides, you should consider other factors such as easy cleaning. Pregnancy increases perspiration rate, as hormones adjust to body changes so you’ll be sweating a lot. You should look for a pillow with a removable cover that you can wash regularly. Similarly, spend some time researching the level of firmness or loftness you want for your support. 

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