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These 13 Exterior House Colors Are Trending in 2023

Painting a home’s exterior may seem gruesome and time-consuming to most people. However, it’s the key to reviving your home exterior and giving it a fresh feel. You can achieve this by using the right exterior house colors.

Besides boosting the home’s curb appeal, which increases its value, home exterior painting brings to light sensitive issues that need repair.

These issues may include mold, water stains, mildew, and rotting wood. You can quickly identify them as you work on repainting your home’s exterior.

Why Should You Choose a Good Exterior House Color?

As you plan to repaint your home, selecting the right color and quality of paint is essential. Doing so protects the walls from peeling, flaking, and staining. Besides, good quality paint protects your home from natural elements such as harsh weather conditions, insects, and dust.

The repainting project allows you to improve your home using the latest trends. Working with the right exterior house colors also influences the temperature inside your home. Choosing a color that absorbs or reflects heat makes your home warmer or colder, respectively.

So, when doing an exterior repainting of your home, ensure that you select and work with the right color to achieve desirable results. The exterior house colors exist in numerous options to meet each homeowner’s needs and preferences.

This post will discuss thirteen exterior house colors trending in 2023. Stay tuned and make your decision!

1. Nightfall

A dark and moody exterior color of the house is one of the longest-existing trends. And it is here to stay, even in 2023. It comprises blackened gray, with subtle blue undertones, reminiscing the midnight, thus the name midnight.

To achieve a darker complexion color of the house with this theme, consider using an LRV of 6.36. You can pair nightfall with stone, wood, and brick, among other natural construction elements.

Its depth is perfect for highlighting layers on contemporary homes, as the tone grounds are facades with multiple mixed materials.

2. Regent Green

Going a few steps darker gets you to Regent Green. This color of the exterior house has an LVR of 4.19 and appears almost black under some lights. However, according to external house colors experts, Regent Green is pine green in a deep, muted form.

3. Linen

Repainting your home exterior means you want to transform it into something exciting and sharp. You can achieve the look by combining a classic color of the house and a strong neutral tone such as beige.

If you work with these trendy exterior house colors, using bold and contrasting colors for excellent visual outlining would be great. A perfect example is rich beige on the siding and crisp white soffit on the corner strips and gutters. You can also use the roof to offset the beige siding.

4. Gray Heron

Green is perfect for home remodelers keen on natural aesthetics and earthy tones. Fortunately, Gray Heron is here to meet such needs, thus its immense popularity in 2023. The color of the exterior house works perfectly when combined with cream and dark gray colors.

Unfortunately, pure white doesn’t work well with this hue. So, consider muted variations and beige, if you must.

5. Caramelized Pears

Are you looking for a joyful and endearing ambiance that incites youthfulness? Why not try bright yellow and outline the window panes with crisp white?

These exterior house colors give a main street look perfect for homeowners looking for a youthful ambiance for their property. You can use versatile shades of brown or gray and bright yellow siding. Ensure the roofing colors you use can showcase the shades optimally.

6. Flagstone

Unlike your ordinary gray, flagstone features a light blue tone, which immensely impacts your home’s curb appeal. It oozes an elegant coastal theme.

You can use stormy gray compared to charcoal or crisp white detailing. Alternatively, you can use all the colors together for a highly striking presentation and the utmost curb appeal.

Exterior House Painting video: Source: YouTube

7. Autumn Red

Autumn red, or smoky red, elevates visual power in your home’s exterior. You can achieve great results by capping it with crisp white details on the eaves, window panes, porch railing, and corner panels.

This color is a wild card that requires you to find an excellent tone to complement the autumn red paneling for the best impression on the viewers.

8. Snow

Unknown to most homeowners, the exterior house colors you pick can transform the house into a home for their family – full of love and tranquility.

An opal home exterior incorporates freshness, optimism, and a heavenly feeling into your home, making it your happy place. If you choose this option, you can consider snow siding alongside light-colored roofing and crisp white/ red detailing to achieve an airy scene.

A touch of red detailing with front porch cushions and the doorway, alongside several intentionally chosen plants, works perfectly if you need extra accent pieces.

9. Red Rock Falls

The bright red is another excellent choice if you’re looking to repaint your home exterior this year.

And before you start complaining and perceiving this color as loud and childish, why not balance it side-by-side with warmer and brown options? An outstanding balance of the two colors results in a sophisticated and toned-down outcome.

10. Earth Tones Combination

It’s surprising the two-toned combination is trending in 2023. The combo consists of earth tones like brown and green but requires intense trial and error to pull off successfully.

The best place to start is by dividing the exterior into balanced geometric sections. Homes with a vertical feature are easier to pull off this option, as they combine the look while promoting visual harmony between the bi-toned look.

11. Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue is interestingly back in action after several years away. The color gives fresh and cheerful vibes with great energy, especially when partnered with dark roofing and crisp white edging.

12. Off-White

If you are looking for a blank slate that allows you to work on it as you wish, you can always go right with off-white. It is also known as eggshell or ivory, and it is a consistent trend in the real estate industry.

Like most homeowners, you can also love it, as it provides endless options as you work on your property.

13. White and Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the most refreshing colors in the modern housing market. Pairing it with white when working on your home exterior exudes joy, youthfulness, and relaxation, something you may find exceptionally beautiful and appealing.

Wrapping Up Exterior House Colors

Do you intend to repaint your home soon? Repainting your home’s exterior enhances its curb appeal and value, besides helping you to identify hidden repairs you should make.

Moreover, these repainting projects also help revive and freshen your home using quality paint in trending colors. If you want the best color to repaint your home’s exterior, you can consider any of those discussed above.

However, it would help if you consider factors such as your preference, needs – warmer or colder interior temperature – combinations, durability, and quality. You can also find a reputable paint expert to help you pick a suitable home exterior color for your upcoming renovation project.


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