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Top 8 Evergreen Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2024

Your house requires robust kitchen backsplash ideas. The kitchen is where we spend considerable time sprucing up family meals, bonding in the mornings before the daily rush, and catching up over a cup of coffee during the weekends.

Since it’s one of the few spaces where we create memories as a family, it’s only natural that you’d want it to be tasteful and stylish. 

One thing that contributes to a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal—besides the sinkware, cabinets, and countertops—is the backsplash material.

Modern kitchen finishings typically feature backsplashes, and those done professionally can keep your kitchen both neat and beautiful, besides improving its market value. 

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen and adding new, stylish backsplashes? Before you head over to Pinterest to steal a few ideas, there are a few factors you need to consider to get everything right. We’ll share those factors in this post, plus eight budget-friendly ideas to give you a headstart. 

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Kitchen Backsplash Makeover 

Unless you’re a professional interior designer or contractor, you want your kitchen backsplash done by the experts. Of course, you can still do it yourself, but the quality of the outcome will depend on how good you are with your hands.

Kitchen renovation is quite an investment, so you want to get value. Even when working with professionals, the following factors should inform your decision during the early stages of the project: 

1. Be Mindful of Your Budget

Before picking that beautiful design from the catalog, ask yourself if you can afford it.  The cost of kitchen backsplash tiles varies based on quality and design, so take a hard look at your finances.

This will help you determine how much you have and are willing to spend on the project. You can choose luxurious options featuring natural stones if your budget is flexible.

Waterjet backsplash and calacatta backsplash tile are good examples of such luxurious options, though they’re costly.

Alternatively, you can settle on marble-like porcelain stone backsplash tile, which is stunning, durable, and affordable. Whatever you choose, confirm if your finances allow it and if the end goals align. 

2. Pick a Theme

There’s nothing as misplaced as kitchen backsplash tiles that don’t compliment your home decor. Even if the design is beautifully stylish, the mismatch will be obvious if it contrasts with your overall house theme. So, as you select samples, pick something that will complement your kitchen and home decor.


Source: Unsplash

You can choose a colorful theme for your backsplash, but keep the kitchen floor neutral. And even with colorful options, compatibility should be key. The same applies to neutral backsplash tiles, which work best with neutral kitchen floors.

At the end of the day, it boils down to your personal preferences, which will be less conflicting if you have a good taste or eye for color. 

3. Select the Best Material

Besides the color, the ideal material used in your backsplash is just as crucial. You’ll need to determine which tile type to use in your design, and there are plenty of options to choose from. 

You can opt for brick, ceramics, marble, hand-painted, mosaic, or natural stone. And who said you couldn’t go a notch higher and settle for metal tile? Choices should be based on your overall preferences and the design you intend to create.

For example, brick tiles work great with rustic and industrial designs, while ceramic tiles produce crisp matte glaze finishes for contemporary designs. 

4. Design Patterns 

Again, on design, you should settle on what suits your tastes. You’ll love artistic designs featuring unique patterns if you’re a fan of shapes and patterns. Or, if you want a timeless masterpiece, subway tiles with straight-set patterns are a great option.

The same is true for neutral field tiles or specialty shapes, which complement various color hues. Alternatively, tiles with herringbone patterns will give you some design details. Again, ensure the design you choose blends with your entire home. 

5. Think of the Cabinetry

If you love traditional cabinetry, you’ll need to decide if the backsplash tiles stop at the bottom of the cabinetry or if you want the entire wall to feature tiles from the sink to the ceiling.

Similarly, if you love open shelves to cabinets, you can choose to cover the entire wall with a backsplash or have it in specific places, such as at the bottom of the first shelf. Here, you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination. 

It’s best to start by determining your ideal storage unit and the amount of space it will take. From there, estimating how many tiles you’ll need will be easier. If you’ve got a good budget, use open shelves against contemporary kitchen backsplash tile designs.

They look great but use more tiles, hence requiring a good budget. Or, you can substitute fewer tiles with more cabinets. In this case, traditional white cabinets will work great on minimal kitchen backsplash tile. 

6. Maintenance

Our last item for consideration when choosing the ideal kitchen backsplash is position and maintenance. The goal of kitchen backsplash tiles is to keep your kitchen neat while also making it beautiful.

They’re there to reduce the stains your kitchen walls take, such as occasional splashes and spills, by making the walls easy to clean. 

However, some tiles are easier to maintain than others, depending on their material. An example is backsplash tiles made of natural stone, which easily permeates and takes more stains. 

To make it easier to maintain, it’s best to seal and reseal it, or, better yet, pick a different substitute to save yourself the chores it comes with.

Kitchen backsplash ideas: Source: YouTube

Speaking of substitutes, glass and porcelain are the easiest to maintain backsplash options as they’re stain-resistant. They’re also affordable and can fit within a limited budget. 

The Top 8 Affordable Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 

Once you’ve considered all the vital factors, you can check those Pinterest designs for inspiration. You now understand what to look for in a kitchen backsplash tile and will be wise enough to pick a design that meets your budget.

Still, we all want something stylish yet affordable enough to fit within our budget. Knowing this, we compiled 10 elegant design ideas you can choose from without feeling the pinch. Check them out below:

  1. Statement Tile Backsplash

This design features walnut cabinets that ensure a striking focal point. You want to try the statement backsplash tile if you have a small kitchen with white wooden cabinetry and can do with a contemporary feel.

This tile has shimmering, wavy blue shades, and a unique shape. Being a glass tile, it blends well with neutral countertops and is sure to stand out. 

  1. Marble Block

A marble block makes a great substitute for expensive marble countertops. You can install it as a stove backsplash, especially if you have a neutral kitchen theme.

Opt for a groutless design that’s easier to maintain. Alternatively, choose engineered stone, which is popular for its marble-like look but is durable and less expensive. 

  1. The Pistachio Tile

The iconic pistachio has an airy character that will make your kitchen more inviting. Its pop color blends beautifully with white kitchen appliances or wooden features, so go for it if you love a white dominant theme around your kitchen. 

  1. Penny Tile Backsplash

This one is for vintage lovers who enjoy some creativity around the home. It’s perfect for farmhouse kitchen styles and pairs well with creamy white cabinets. 

  1. Classic Subway Tile Backsplash

The trend with most modern kitchens includes overdone finishings and features, often giving them an exaggerated look. You can keep your kitchen elegant and tasteful with a subway tile backsplash.

This design gives it a classic good look and adds to a casual feel that modern kitchens lack. You can get more creative by including darker grout that will give your backsplash more dimensions. Fortunately, it has a gentle color that doesn’t stain easily. 

  1. Decorative Tile Backsplash

We’re all used to the traditional rectangular and square-shaped tiles, but that doesn’t mean there are no other options to try out. The decorative stone tile allows you to create unique patterns that bring a vintage, traditional feel to your kitchen.

Color it in warm gray or white hues, and you’ll have a timeless design that will remain as stylish ten years from now. 

  1. Patterned Plywood 

Plywood may not be the most durable or stylish material for backsplash. Still, it can make creative and spectacular designs with some serious DIY inspiration.

It’s a low-cost option that you can hack with minimal investment. The idea is to paint the plywood with your favorite color and then design it with Velcro strips. If it’s a temporary upgrade, we recommend it to renters looking for cheap renovation ideas. 

  1. Recycled Glass Tile Backsplash

The recycled glass tile backsplash is one of those designs that easily compliments your cabinets and countertops. Those big on saving Mother Earth will love this eco-friendly option as it’s 100 percent recycled glass tile.

Pair it with cream color hues, brown, or warm gray, and see your kitchen transform into an elegant nature-conscious space. 

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is always the center of activity in most households. The kind of attention this particular room attracts means it should have eye-catching details in its decor. That’s why a unique backsplash is sure to stand out.

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover complete with elegant backsplash tiles, there are plenty of options that fit every budget. 

In this post, we have compiled a list of eight affordable kitchen backsplash tiles, which are elegant and timeless masterpieces you can incorporate into any kitchen.

Feel free to use them as inspiration even as you take note of a few essential factors before choosing the ideal kitchen finishing solution. 


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