Casper Mattress Review: Our Honest Opinion | 2023 Update

Read our unbiased Casper mattress review to determine if it’s worth the hype. We share our experiences and honest opinion.

Casper was founded in 2014. They are among the pioneer producers of bed-in-a-box mattresses. The company produces various mattress models including:

  • Casper Original Mattress – Casper’s flagship all-foam model.
  • Casper Original Hybrid – Comes with a coil core.
  • Wave Hybrid Mattress – Luxury line.
  • Nova Hybrid – Luxury line.
  • Element – Budget-friendly all-foam.

Besides mattresses, Casper also specializes in bedding, pillows, bed frames, and sheets, among other accessories. In your search for a good mattress, you’ve possibly stumbled upon various models of Casper Mattresses. What is the bed made of, how does it feel and who is it most suitable for?

This review focuses on the Casper original mattress. Read on for everything you need to know about this bedroom accessory.

The Casper Original Mattress

It is Casper’s flagship mattress that exists in hybrid and all-foam. It comprises three foam layers: perforated foam, zoned support, and high-density poly foam – the sturdiest – on the bottom.


  • Type: Hybrid or all-foam
  • Height: 11 inches
  • Firmness: medium
  • Suitable for: Combo sleepers, hot sleepers
  • Sizes available: Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, California King
  • Firmness {1 to 10 softest to firmest}: 6
  • Motion isolation {1 to 10– awful and best}: 7
  • Heat dissipation {1 to 10 – traps heat to stays cool}: 8
  • Warranty: 10-year limited
  • Weight {queen}: 79 lbs
  • Edge support{1 to 10 – awful to best}: 3

Casper Mattress Review: Features and Benefits

While it may not be a fit for everyone, depending on individual needs and sleeping positions, the Casper Original Mattress comes with various attractive features as follows:

1. Design and Construction

The Original Casper Mattress is all-foamed. It comprises three layers of foam – CertiPUR-US- certified – and a nice soft finish. The bed offers about 11” of poly, proprietary and memory foam. The proprietary foam ensures the overall soft neutral foam feel of the mattress.

  • Support foam: The thickest base Casper layer that promotes the mattress support system. It prevents the bed from sinking and sagging.
  • Memory foam: The mid-zoned memory foam layer creates additional support in target areas such as the mid-section that supports the user’s hips and trunk. It provides additional relief while enhancing spine alignment thanks to the three ergonomic zones – firmer around the waist, hips, and lower back and softer below the shoulders.
  • Open-cell foam: The top Casper perforated layer that pulls in airflow. It promotes airflow and enhances pressure relief.
  • Recycled polyester cover: It is made from recycled bottles, polyester, lycra, rayon, and upcycled cotton. The covers remain fairly consistent across most Casper models and are well-fitted to avoid bunching under the sheets. They may be easy to remove but are not advisable for machine washing.

2. Durability

The bed is made of various high-quality foam layers, making it quite durable. It can serve you for up to seven years. The base is made from a sturdy support foam layer which contributes to its durability. However, people who weigh more than 230 lbs enjoy a shorter lifespan.

3. Firmness

The Casper bed offers medium firmness for people with up to 230 lbs of body weight. You should note that your body weight affects your firmness experience with this mattress. So, the heavier you are, the softer it will feel and the lighter you are, the firmer the mattress tends to be.

As a bed with medium firmness, Casper Original offers the best of both worlds – making it ideal for most users. These beds offer immense spine alignment and pressure relief amidst a soft sleeping experience.

4. Pressure Relief

The Casper Original memory foam construction allows the mattress to conform to your body as you sleep. It redistributes your body weight while ensuring sufficient pressure relief. Besides, the middle-zoned support layers prevent your hips from sinking too far when you are asleep.

5. Responsiveness

Most all-foam beds exhibit responsiveness on the lower side due to the lack of coils to promote bounce-back. However, that isn’t the case with the Casper Original Mattress.

The latter responds pretty quickly to pressure regardless of its all-foam structure. Sleepers who switch positions severally overnight won’t worry about turning over. Furthermore, they don’t leave sunken spots behind as they turn.

6. Feel

The flagship Casper mattress exhibits a soft foam feel. Despite its memory foam layer, Casper Original Mattress users don’t get an overt feel of the same.

You don’t have to worry about feeling like you are sinking into the bed or getting stuck in the mud. For people who don’t like the feeling of being sucked into the mattress, this is an ideal choice. However, it may be unsuitable for users who enjoy the stereotypical memory foam feel.

7. Temperature Regulation

Casper Original Mattresses are neither sleep hot nor cool. They are temperature neutral – which is common for most beds on sale online.

While the recent AirScape design enhances the bed’s airflow, the performance isn’t enough to qualify it as a cooling bed. Fortunately, no user complains about overheating with this mattress, making it fine regarding temperature regulation.

8. Casper Mattress Review: Couples or Single People?

People who sleep alone shouldn’t worry about motion isolation or edge support. However, those who co-sleep should put these factors in mind.

A woman sitting on a Casper mattress: Source: Amazon

Besides, it is advisable to turn the mattress 180° every 3 to 6 months if you co-sleep with a partner whose body weight greatly varies with yours. Rotating the bed promotes even wearing over time.

9. Casper Mattress Review: Edge Support

Edge support may not seem important when getting a mattress until you sit on the edge and feel like you are falling off. However, people who sleep alone may not find the feature important as they have the entire bed to themselves, to use as they feel.

If you co-sleep, you need access to the whole sleeping surface, making edge support crucial. Fortunately, the Casper Original Mattress is ideal for co-sleepers thanks to its decent edge support. The design ensures that you don’t get an excessive roll-off feeling anytime you get to the edge of the bed.

10. Casper Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

All-foam beds exhibit decent limitations of cross-bed motion, including the Casper Original. If you co-sleep with someone, you should put in mind motion isolation as it minimizes the nighttime disturbance. With this mattress, you can’t feel your partner rolling over or the pet jumping on the bed.

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Pros and Cons of the Casper Original Mattress


  • Suitable for different sleeping styles and co-sleepers – great motion transfer;
  • Made of eco-friendly materials;
  • 10-year limited warranty;
  • The perforated layer makes them cooler than traditional foam mattresses;
  • Made of various layers that serve different purposes;
  • Budget-friendly Casper product;
  • 100-night risk-free trial;
  • Impressive pressure-relief.


  • They exhibit a certain odor due to memory foam, which may stick around for a while;
  • Some customers find them expensive

Casper Mattress Review: Final Word

Casper Original remains one of the best mattress-in-a-box options today. It is perfect for co-sleepers due to its amazing motion isolation features. The bed ensures that you don’t bounce around or struggle with noise anytime your partner turns over.

Other exciting features of this bed include the accommodation of different sleeping styles, great breathability, and cooler nights for hot sleepers. Besides, the producers understand that the best way to know if a mattress is a great fit is to sleep on it. So, they offer a 100-night risk-free trial.

If it doesn’t meet your needs, the company organizes a pick-up and refunds your money in two weeks. If this review sounds like your fit, it is time to get yourself a Casper Original Mattress.


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